Pharmacology Chapter 1,2,3,4

The study of drugs , action and effects in living body systems.

how drugs interact with and affect biological systems .physiologic/biochemical response of body to the drug

First-pass effect
portion of drug dose reaches target tissue/organ due to liver metabolism of drugs

Biochemical and physiologic effects of drugs and mechanisms of drug action (the effects of a drug on the body or organism)

study of the adverse interactions of a living organisms with it’s chemical environment.

Study of how drugs may be best used in the treatment of illnesses and which drug is most or least appropriate for disease

decreasing response to drug dosages

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act

Drug Enforcement Agency

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Orphan Drugs
Used to treat diseases that effect fewer than 200,000 people, rare diseases

Anabolic steroids
hormonal substances related to estrogen progestins, testosterone and corticosteroids, promote muscle growth

sugar pill thought to be a drug

standards of behavior and include concepts of right and wrong beyond what legal considerations are in any given situation

Scheduled drugs
drugs with potentional for abuse are classified in five schedules

a lozenge, can be held in the cheek, melt slowly over time, to coat throat and mouth

Name drug used for anaphylactic shock and time limit for administering it to a patient
EPINEPHRINE, soon after shock begins

sleeping pill and used to treat morning sickness, discovery of birth defects

Give examples of drugs given transdermally
nicotine, nitroglycerin, estrogen

List components of prescriptions
Name, date ordered, med name, dosage, route, time and frequency taken, signature of person ordering, DEA #, Refills, RX symbol

List the 7 rights of drug administration
Patient, drug, dose, route, time, technique, documentation

adverse drug reactions
all ages, twice as common in women

state government, not fed
main regulators of laws that regulate pharmacy practice

cardiac glycoside

dissolution and absorption from the GI tract

oral route
absorbed from stomach and small intestine, first to liver, where metabolized before they reach target

rectal meds
cocoa butter or gelatin based suppositories or enemas, systemic effects

topical drugs
applied to skin, provide local effect

ophthalmic drugs
drops and ointments, local effect, sterile and isotonic

external shell, controlled release dosage

schedule II

schedule IV

Tylenol codine
Schedule III

agonists medication that binds to the receptor site and stimulates the function of that site; drug that mimics a function of the body. antagonists medication that binds at receptor sites to prevent other medication from binding to those same sites. …

What is pharmacology? – integrated medical science involving chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and more – study of drugs, their actions, dosage, therapeutic uses, adverse effects Drug therapy – drug therapy is directly linked to the pathophysiology of a particular …

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