Pharmacology Chapter 12 & 17

The most frequently prescribed medication for severe burns is:

Keratolyic agents are used for all the following except:

The medication choice for pediculosis in children is:

Chlorhexidene (Hibiclens) is used for
Surgical scrubs

Which condition will slow absorption of topical medication?
Callused skin

All of the following are antipruritics except:
A. Benzocaine
B. Benadryl
C. Cuticura
D. Cortaid

Patients on antifungal therapy should be instructed to:
Continue vaginal Rx during menstruation

Which one of the following statements does not apply to topical medications?
Administered PO

All of the following are keratolytic agents except:
A. Coal tar
B. sulfur
C. silver sulfadiazine
D. salicylic acid

All of the following are antifugals except:
A. Mycostatin
B. Tinactin
C. Lotrimin AF
D. Desitin

The absorbtion of topical medications will be more rapid if the skin area is:

Side effects of topical corticosteroids include:
Activation of latent infections and slow healing

What is the generic name for Benadryl?

Substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria are called:

The largest organ in the body is:
The skin

Treatment for type I acne could include any of the following medications except:
A. salicylic acid
B. sulfur
C. isotretinoin
D. benzoyl peroxide

An antibacterial cream used topically to treat impetigo is:

The most effective treatment for shingles includes all of the following except:
A. Start within 72 hours
B. Zovirax
C. Valacyclovir caps
D. Acyclovir ointment

Oral candidasis can be treated with all the following except:
A. lozenges
B. suspension
C. extended release capsules
D. topical application

For the treatment of scabies in an extended care facility, which is the safest treatment?

Jane D. has a high fever and upper respiratory infection symptoms. The physician would most likely order a broad spectrum antibiotic…
given after throat culture

Which antibiotic would least likely be prescribed for a UTI?

Teracycline is contraindicted in all of the following conditions except:

A superinfection (diarrhea) occurs with antibiotic therapy, the patient should do all of the following except:
discontinue medication

Herpes Zoster (shingles) treatment includes all of the following except:
A. Acyclovir
B. Zostavax
C. delaying treatment until after 72 hours for older adults
D. treatment within 24-72 hours of rash onset

Allergic hypersensitivity can be manifested in all the following ways except:
A. diarrhea
B. rash
C. hives
D. anaphylaxis

Which antibiotic would be least likely to cause an allergic reaction?

Patients taking sulfonamides should be told to do all of the following except:
A. discontinue if rash occurs
B. take antacids for nausea
C. drink large amounts of fluids
D. report side effects immediately

Side effects from amnioglycosides can include all of the following except:
A. nephrotoxicity
B. jaundice
C. hearing loss
D. blurred vision

Which patient would most likely to develop a penicillin reaction?
allergic asthmatic

Which statement is not true of rifampin?
A. used short-term for tuberculosis
B. sometimes given with pyrazinamide
C. turns urine red-orange
D. can cause nausea

Which statement is not true of Mycostatin administration?
A. may be applied topically
B. used for fungal infections
C. used for candidal infections
D. used short-term only

Cephalsporins are contraindicated for individuals with a know allergy to which of the following?
A. tetracyclines
B. erythromycins
C. antifungals
D. penicillins

All of the following statements are true of ayclovir except:
A. is antiviral
B. cures herpes
C. can be topically applied
D. can be given orally

The following statements are true of Cipro except:
A. there is increased resistance to the drug
B. it interacts with theophylin
C. it is the drug of choice for the elderly
D. it may cause nausea and colitis

What medication is used to treat herpes zoster and herpes simplex?

What medication is used to treat influenza?

What medication is used to treat MRSA and VRE?

What medication is used to treat urinary tract infections?

What medication is used to treat fungus?

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