PHARMACOLOGY ATI- Respiratory System

How should you take beta 2 agonist, if taking glucorticoids to increase steroid absorption?

Before or After


How long should you hold your breath when taking an inhalation drug?
5-10 seconds

What do Beta 2 Adrenergic Agonists end with?



Which of the following disease processes is Albuterol contraindicated in?

A. Diabetes
B. End-Stage Kidney Disease
C. Tachydysrhythmias
D. Peptic Ulcer Disease


What are the adverse effects to Formoterol? SATA

A. Tachycardia
B. Palpitations
C. Tremors
D. Seizures
E. Tachypnea


What do Methylxanthines end with?



What are the therapeutic levels to Aminophylline?
Greater than 20

Which of the following statements made by a patient should a nurse hold Theophylline for?

A. “I have not had a bowel movement in 24 hours.”
B. “I have really bad heartburn, and I had some blood in my stool last night.”
C. “I didn’t eat breakfast yet.”
D. “I am kind of tired.”

This suggest the client has Peptic Ulcer Disease

Which of the following symptoms should a patient report with taking Salamterol?

A. Arm Pain
B. Stomach Pain
C. Leg Pain
D. Headache

A. Arm Pain

This suggest the client is experiencing a fatal dysrhythmia
– ATI book pg. 211

A nurse should instruct the patient to report which of the following symptoms to a provider when taking Theophylline? SATA
A. Nausea
B. Vomiting
C. Decreased Urine Output
D. Diarrhea
E. Restlessness
A, D, E

What medication can a nurse anticipate to be ordered to decrease the absorption of Theophylline?
Activated Charcoal

What medication can a nurse anticipate to be ordered to treat dysrhythmias when taking Theophylline?

What medication can a nurse anticipate to be ordered to treat seizures when taking Theophylline?

Inhaled Anticholinergics are unique for patients with COPD. What is the suffix?



Which of the following statements made by a client alerts the nurse that Ipratropium should be held?

A. “I break out in hives when I eat peanut butter.”
B. “I have a dry cough when I take Captopril.”
C. “I become short of breath throughout the day.”
D. “I cannot take penicillin.”

The medication contains soy lecithin, which is found in peanuts and peanut based product.

Which of the following disease processes should a nurse take high caution in when administering Ipratropium? SATA

A. narrow angle glaucoma
B. tachydysrhythmia
C. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
D. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
E. Heart Failure

A, B

Due to anticholinergic effects

Which of the following statements should the nurse investigate a possible reaction to Ipratropium?

A. “Do you think you could get me some eye drops? My eyes are super dry.”
B. “I feel some numbness in my hand.”
C. “My birthday is May 5th, 9039.”
D. “My stomach hurts a lot.”


This suggest anticholinergic effects

How long will it take for Ipratropium to take effect?
2 weeks

Which of the following symptoms should a client report to their physician when taking Prednisone? SATA.

A. Sore Throat
B. Weakness
C. Headache
D. Black Stools
E. Weakness

A, B, D, E

Which of the following statements indicates a need for further instruction for a client taking Inhalation Glucorticoids?

A. “I will increase calcium and vitamin D intake in my diet.”
B. “I started lifting weights at the gym.”
C. “I have to check my blood glucose more frequently.”
D. “I will take my medication before breakfast.”


Which of the following are Adverse Effects to prednisone?
A. Glucose of 200
B. Heart burn
C. Urine Output of 15 mL/hr
D. Euphoria
E. 5 lb weight gain in one week

What organ must be monitored when taking Zafirlukast?

A. Liver
B. Heart
C. Kidney
D. Lungs

A. Liver

Which of the following are reportable signs of Leukotriene Modifiers? SATA

A. Nausea
B. Anorexia
C. Headache
D. Abdominal Pain
E. Chest Pain


When should Montelukast be taken?

A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a prescription for trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily A nurse at an urgent care …

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