Pharmacology ATI Intro

Infants are at risk for drug toxicity due to which of the following?
Decreased liver enzymes, reduced kidney perfusion, reduced liver perfusion

A health care professional is caring for a patient who arrived at an urgent care center following a bee sting. What findings indicates anaphylactic reaction?
Low BP, wheezing, swallowing difficulty

A patient is having difficulty remembering to take a prescribed drug t.i.d. Which form of the drug should the health care professional recommend?
Extended release tablet

What best describes drugs that are in pregnancy risk category D
Weigh benefits against risks, pass through umbilical cord or placenta to fetus, may cause fetal malformation, use of contraception by women of childbearing age is required.

When caring for a patient with a history of renal insufficiency and is taking Lithium you should monitor for?
Drug toxicity

You should suspect what? When a pt who reports chronic pain states that his pain meds are no longer effective for pain relief.
Drug tolerance

When a pt is taking an OTC what info about the OTC is important?
Don’t require supervision by HCP, drug interactions, should be included in drug history assessment.

What info should be included when talking to pt about EC-naproxen?
Don’t chew or crush tablets

What info should you include when talking to pt about drugs that have small margin of safety such as phenytoin AKA Dilantin?
Lab test to measure serum drug levels, toxicity, taking smallest effective dose

When caring for a hospitalized pt when should drug & discharge planning occur?
Upon admission

Pt states he has no allergies but developed some mild itching while taking amoxicillin. What should you explain to pt?
Itching indicates hypersensitivity

A pt is taking digoxin for cardiac dysrhythmias which route of administration is the fastest?

Peak and trough levels help monitor for what?
Drug toxicity, Min effective dose, constant therapeutic levels

When teaching a pt what can decrease pt’s ability to learn
Cognitive level, language, comfort level, readiness to learn.

Time it takes a drug to demonstrate a full therapeutic effect?
The peak time

Before a pt begins a drug that is eliminated by the kidneys what should you assess for regarding blood values?
Creatinine clearance

What info should you consider when calculating dosages for infants compared to adults?
Older Children have faster metabolisms than adults

What are characteristics of additive drug interactions?
Can achieve desired effect w/ lower dosages, both drugs have similar actions.

When drinking grapefruit juice w/ certain drugs what risk is the pt in?
Drug Toxicity

A non therapeutic unintended effect of a drug that occurs w/ a therapeutic range is?
An adverse effect

What is a physiologic characteristics of infants that can alter drug absorption?
Delayed gastric emptying

A teratogenic drug can cause what?
Fetal malformation

An oral dose will be higher than the IV dose b/c of what?
First-pass effect

A parenteral drug is what?
IV, SubQ, or IM administered drug

What considerations should you recommend for a breastfeeding mother who is taking OTCs?
Newborns weight, amount of breast milk child consumes q.d. Whether benefits out way risks, properties of the drug.

how do over the counter drugs compare/contrast to prescribed drugs -don’t require doc supervision -can still cause drug toxicity -can be just as effective as Rx -should be included in drug history -can still interact with other drugs, either OTC …

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A health care professional obtaining a patient’s health history discovers that the patient is taking loratadine (Claritin), an over the counter drug. Which of the following information about over the counter drugs is correct? (select all that apply) They do …

A health care professional is explaining the adverse effects of digoxin (Lanoxin) to a patient. Which of the following is an adverse effect of the drug? Cardiac dysrhythmias A health care professional is caring for a patient who is hospitalized …

1. A drug, given as a 100-mg single dose, results in a peak plasma concentration of 20 μg/mL. The apparent volume of distribution is (assume a rapid distribution and negligible elimination prior to measuring the peak plasma level): A. 0.5 …

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