Patrol Procedures II

A department that is not prepared to handle emergencies may:
Fail to protect property
Fail to protect life
Face expensive lawsuits, or
Face adverse political decisions.

The percent of bomb threats that are hoaxes is _______.

The most common targets of bombings are:
Airlines and banks, schools and government buildings, & hospitals and military installations.

When responding to a hazmat accident scene the first priority is to…
…isolate and secure the scene.

The period most crucial from the standpoint of rescue operations is the…
…period immediately following the disaster.

Why should officers carry binoculars on their patrol car?
For safe viewing of hazmat placards from a distance

True or False. During an emergency, it is important to broadcast a general call for help.

During an emergency it is important to do all of the following except…
Take care of personal, individual requests for help.

If a bomb threat is received the person on the phone should to attempt to get all the following information except…
If the threat is a hoax or real.

The number one problem during evacuation is…
Traffic control.

The number one priority in disaster plans should be?

True or False. In the event of a plane crash, the police department must notify the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the FBI.

According to the ATF, the top three motivating factors for bombings include all except?

The recommended radius to move people and important documents/materials away from a bomb is ________ feet.

The number one rule when dealing with the media is to
…Do not put them off.

Weapons of mass destruction…
…have been in use since the 1300s.

Biological weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) does not include?
Sarin nerve gas.

Which of the following groups is considered to be a terrorist group in the United States?
White supremacists, Black supremacists, the militia movement, & environmental extremists

The USA PATRIOT Act gives police the ability to do all of the following in their pursuit of terrorists except?

True or False. Suicide bombers believe that sacrificing themselves is a sure way to heaven.

Grants police unprecedented ability to search, seize, detain and eavesdrop
Facilitates information sharing
Establishes new punishments for possessing biological weapons
Makes it a federal crime to commit an act of terrorism against a mass transit system.

True or False. Most terrorist acts result from frustration resulting from an inability to change things through acceptable, nonviolent means.

The Community Protection Act gives off-duty as well as qualified retired police officers to…?
Carry concealed weapons in all 50 states.

The first line of defense against terrorism is…?
The U.S. military.

True or False. Religious motivations for terrorism are seen in single-issue groups such as antiabortion groups, animal rights groups and environmentalists.

What are motivations of terrorism?
Political, religious, & social policy

Savelli identifies all of the following crimes as being associated with terrorists except?

Which of the following are common elements in definitions of terrorism?
Systematic use of physical violence & the attempt to cause political and/or social change.

All are changes in law enforcement following 9/11 except:
A color-coded security system, money allocated to better prepare law enforcement, & federal agencies were realigned.

A dirty bomb
A low-yield nuclear device.

A medical examination or autopsy
Provides legal evidence as to the cause and time of death & Corroborates information obtained during the investigation.

True or False. Even if a computer’s hard drive survives the heat and flames, it is likely to be destroyed by the water and steam used to fight the fire.

True or False.Simple assault is usually a misdemeanor.

Simple assault involves…
Intent to do bodily harm.

Many officers label the glamour job in a police agency as being a…?

True or False. Blood can be used to identify a person’s race and gender.

Arson is likely in fires that…?
Show evidence of having been accelerated.

The primary goals of criminal investigation include all except to…?
Determine the guilt of the suspect.

Bite marks helped convict which serial killer?
Ted Bundy

A vital task in criminal investigation is…?
Recording all information.

The most common method to enter a structure to commit burglary is…?
Jimmying the lock.

Even when a suspect confesses, evidence is still required because
The confession may turn out to be untrue,
The confession may later be denied,
There may be claims that the confession was coerced,
There may be claims that the confession was involuntary.

True or False. Nationwide, police recover only 5 percent of stolen bicycles.

The most common and useful evidence found at a crime scene that leads to positive identification is…?

Although blood cannot identify a suspect’s race, sex or age, it can do what?
Eliminate suspects

A Child Is Missing (ACIM)
Can send vital information about a missing child to thousands of phones in less than 60 seconds.

One of the most important groups of professionals that work with juveniles is
Law enforcement officers

Of all youth referrals to court, the great majority are from?
Law enforcement.

Criteria that should be met before an AMBER Alert is sent include that law enforcement should?
Believe that the child is in danger of serious bodily harm.

True or False. The relationship between cruelty to animals and serious violent behavior, especially among youthful offenders, is strong.

Underage drinking is associated with all of the following problems except?
Residential burglaries.

Police officers use a considerable amount of discretion when dealing with juveniles because…
There is a large range of options when dealing with juveniles, unlike adults.

True or False.Interviewing juveniles in custody follows the same procedures and requirements used with adults.

Hanging out…
Is an important part of youth’s development,
Is an indication of lack of direction, &
May lead to delinquent behavior.

The doctrine of allowing the state to become a substitute parent where a child has been abandoned, neglected or dependent is known as…
Parens patriae.

Which of the following statements about the D.A.R.E. program is false?
Research supports the long-term effectiveness of D.A.R.E.

When the detention of a juvenile is necessary, a juvenile cannot be detained in the same area as…

Of the 80 to 90 percent of children under age 18 who commit some offense for which they could be arrested, about _____ percent are apprehended.

After police have taken a juvenile into custody, they may…
Take him or her before a judge, take him or her to a medical facility, & release him or her to a parent or guardian.

Underage drinking is a serious status offense because…?
Persons under the influence of alcohol are more likely to commit other offenses.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs) are a threat because
They have a propensity to use violence.

It can be difficult to investigate a gang’s activity because
Gang members stick together and intimidate those who may speak to law enforcement.

According to the research, many regions will see an increase in gang membership because
Many gangs are migrating to suburban areas.

True or False. During a drug buy, it is best to let an informant rather than the agent make the buy.

The critical elements of a drug buy are
Time and information.

Gang members may identify themselves by
Clothing, sign language, & graffiti.

The main purpose of a street-level drug raid is to
Respond to citizen complaints and make arrests.

A gang’s turf is its
Geographic territory.

True of False. Females join gangs for very different reasons than their male counterparts.

True or False. Most gang crimes are violent.

True of False. Undercover operations are the most effective way to gather information on gangs.

A gang’s graffiti reveals
Hidden messages.

Female gang involvement
Is increasing.

Gang members identify themselves by all the following except?

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