Pathology for Massage Therapy Board Exam

The study of disease

the study of the occurrence, transmission, and distribution of a disease

The ratio of people who are diseased to those who are well

The term to describe a condition with an intense sudden onset and short duration

term used to describe a condition with a less intense long-term onset and long duration

outward, observable abnormalities such as fever, rash, bleeding

abnormalities that patient complains of but cannot necessarily be seen by an observer such as fatigue, achiness

the study of the physiologic processes of a disease

another name for itching

tumors;abnormal tissue that grows more rapidly then normal

a benign bone tumor

benign fatty tumor

a benign growth of the skin or mucous membrane

small blister filled with pus

raised reddened bump on the skin

flat, reddened patch of skin

a benign tumor of the glands

a malignant tumor arising in tissue other than epithelial tissue

noncontagious inflammation of the skin and deeper tissues
Cause: widespread bacterial infection (Staph) get doctor’s consent before performing massage

a contagious bacterial disorder which has skin redness and vesicles around the nose, mouth, groin, hands and feet which burst and form crusts caused by staph; get a doctor’s consent before massaging if doctor give’s consent avoid affected areas

contagious inflammation of a hair follicle caused by staph or other bacterial infection. Avoid affected area and refer to doctor

noncontagious inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the skin; not contagious but avoid affected areas

Bone Fractures and Massage
Get doctor’s approval before performing bodywork. If approved massage proximal and distal to the site of injury but not on the fracture until 6 to 8 weeks after injury

Comminuted Fracture
A bone broken in several places (shattered)

Stress Fracture
A tiny microscopic fracture in a bone

spiral fracture
“twisting” fracture in which the fracture line wraps around the bone

Compound fracture
A complete break in the bone where the bone protrudes from the skin

Greenstick fracture
an incomplete break in a bone

simple or closed fracture
a complete fracture however unlike compound fracture this one is closed and does not protrude through the skin

lateral curvature of the spine/ do not massage in extreme cases without doctor’s consent

loss of bone tissue leading to weak, fragile bones/ consult with client’s doctor and all bodywork should be light pressure

Osteogenesis Imperfecta
defective development of connective tissue, bone becomes thin and fragile/ massage is often contraindicated so consult with the client’s doctor

painful infection of bone tissue and bone marrow/sometimes pus filled abscesses form; caused by staph or strep infecture resulting from a bone fracture, surgery or wound. DO NOT massage!

Rheumatoid arthritis
severe form of chronic synovitis; stiffness and pain from thickening of synovium, may also affect heart, lungs, and skin. Caused by an AUTO-IMMUNE reaction, avoid affected joints when in acute stage

Occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched beyond its elastic limits
Use ice during first 48 to 72 hours; after that massage proximal and distal to injury may improve healing and circulation

Occurs when a ligament or joint capsule becomes stretched beyond its elastic limits/ do not massage first 48 to 72 hours use ice. Massage proximal to injury after that to improve circulation and healing

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