Nursing- Triage Five Level Emergency Severity Index (ESI)

Stability of vital functions(ABCs) ESI-1

Stability of vital functions(ABCs) ESI-2

Stability of vital functions(ABCs) ESI-3

Stability of vital functions(ABCs) ESI-4

Stability of vital functions(ABCs) ESI-5

Threat to life or organ ESI-1

Threat to life or organ ESI-2
Likely but not obvious

Threat to life or organ ESI-3
Unlikely but possible

Threat to life or organ ESI-4

Threat to life or organ ESI-5

How soon should be seen by MD ESI-1

How soon should be seen by MD ESI-2
Within 10 minutes

How soon should be seen by MD ESI-3
Up to 1 hour

How soon should be seen by MD ESI-4
Could be delayed

How soon should be seen by MD ESI-5
Could be delayed

Expected Resource Intensity ESI-1
High. Staff at bedside continuously. Often mobilization of team response.

Expected Resource Intensity ESI-2
High. Multiple, often complex diagnostic studies. Frequent consultation. Continuous monitoring.

Expected Resource Intensity ESI-3
Medium to High. Multiple diagnostic studies (multiple labs, x-rays) or brief observation. Complex procedure (IV fluids, Medications).

Expected Resource Intensity ESI-4
Low. One simple diagnostic study (X-ray) or simple procedure (Sutures).

Expected Resource Intensity ESI-5
Low. Exam only.

Examples ESI-1
Cardiac Arrest. Intubated Trauma. Overdose with Bradypnea. Severe Respiratory Distress.

Examples ESI-2
Chest Pain (probable ischemia). Multiple Trauma unless responsive.

Examples ESI-3
Abdominal pain or gynecologic disorder unless in severe distress. Hip fracture in older patient.

Examples ESI-4
Closed extremity trauma. Simple lacerations. Cystitis.

Examples ESI-5
Cold symptoms. Minor burn. Recheck (wound). Prescription refills.

Four victims of an automobile crash are brought by ambulance to the emergency department. The triage nurse determines that the victim who has the highest priority for treatment is the one with a. severe bleeding of facial and head lacerations. …

Emergency Departments Emergency departments (ED) are fast-paced and overcrowded environments that care for patients across the life span with a broad spectrum of issues, illnesses, and injuries, as well as various cultural and religious values. Vulnerable Populations presenting to the …

Primary Survery – rapid assessment of life-threatening conditions. –should not take longer than 60 seconds to perform –the ABCDE principle guides –Standard precaution attire>> gloves, gown, eye protection, face mask, & shoe covers must be worn to prevent contamination w/ …

Good Samaritan Law enacted in most state to protect health professionals from legal liability when providing emergency first aid; follow a reasonable and prudent course of action; victim must give verbal permission, the law assumes tha an unconscious person would …

High blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and congenital heart disease are all examples of cardiovascular disease.  Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term used to refer to any disease which interferes with the heart’s natural function (“Facts”).

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