Nursing program curriculum

A course of study delineating the
organization of content, scope and arrangement of an
educational program.

Frameworks, Models and Theories:
provide means of conceptualizing and organizing the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs critical to the delivery of a curriculum.

The Nursing Program at the Community College
of Baltimore County (CCBC) is the premier Associate
Degree Nursing Program in the Baltimore
metropolitan region.

The mission of the Nursing Program at CCBC is
to prepare a registered nurse generalist as an entry
level practitioner who demonstrates clinical and
professional excellence and is competent to deliver
safe, high quality patient care in a variety of health
care settings.

Components integral to the provision of nursing care.

Classification system for the delivery of nursing education.

Concept categories
Biophysical, psychosocial, life phases and professional practice.

12 Threads
Caring, communication, evidence-based practice, health promotion, informatics, life span, nursing process, patient centered care, pharmacology, safety, skills and teaching.

Bio-physical concepts
Sensory perception, nutrition, comfort, mobility, infection control.

Life phases concepts

Psychosocial concepts
Diversity and spirituality

Problems, diseases, or issues based on current research and trends. E.G. Oxygenation- COPD, TB, pneumonia and asthma.

External Frame Factors Financial Support; Regulations and accreditation; Nursing profession; Need for the program; Demographics; Health care system and health needs of the populace; Characteristics of the academic setting. Details page 216 Internal Frame Factors Potential Faculty and learner characteristic; …

Nursing curriculum Totality of philosophical approaches Curriculum goals Overall design Courses Strategies to ignite learning Delivery methods Interactions Learning climate Evaluation methods Curriculum policies -Includes matters that affect nursing students Learning and progression and are within the authority of the …

Program Outcomes 1. Human Flourishing 2. Nursing Judgement 3. Professional Identity 4. Spirit of Inquiry Human Flourishing Advocate for pts and families in way that promote self-determination, integrity, and ongoing growth as human beings. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY …

Based on the literature reviewed for this study, empirical investigations of mentorship in the filed of nursing and medicine as well, has only produced results based on the academic and professional outcomes of the program. In the study by Owens …

The three major educational paths to registered nursing practice include a bachelor’s science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), and a diploma. BSN programs are offered by colleges and universities and usually take about four years …

Explain the Philosophy of the CCM Nursing Program The CCM Nursing Program philosophy focuses on the person, the patient, The nurse, the faculty and the student. With regards the the person the philosophy recognizes that each person evolves differently based …

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