NLN Pharmacology Quiz

Anti-infective; bactiostatic which action on bacteria results from interference with the functioning of enzyme systems necessary for normal metabolism, growth and multiplication. Treats UTI, Chlamydia causing blindness, Crohn’s, and brain abscess.

Activated Charcoal
Treat poison and overdose following oral ingestion. Binds to poison and prevents its absorption by the GI tract and then eliminates in the feces.

Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)
Blocks pain impulse in peripheral and some CNS; antipyretic result; inhibit platelet aggregation. Don’t give to children under 12 can cause Reye’s Syndrome

Acyclovir (Zovirax)
used for herpes simplex; also for herpes Zoster, varicella. also shingles.

Alteplase recombine (Activase)
Thrombolytic agent; Disolves or breaks down clots to reestablish perfusion. For clients with DVT or PE

Warfarin (Coumadin)
ORAL Anticoagulant; interferes with synthesis of clotting factor that requires Vitamin K

Chelating Agents
A form of detoxification; a synthetic amino acid which attaches to toxic substance such as metal in the blood to facilitate removal from the body.

Nose Bleed.

use in children with lead levels of 45 & 70. Binds to lead in blood and excreted by the kidneys and bowel.

hypocalcemia or hypokalemia
Don’t use EDTA

paradoxical reaction
A response to a drug that is the opposite to the usual response, such as agitation produced in an individual by a drug which is ordered to sedate or calm a person.

The time it takes for a medication to lose half of its pharmacologic or physiologic effect.

Sublingual SL
under the tongue

between gum and cheek near back of mouth.

Intramuscular injection IM
injection given in the muscle

Acute decrease in the number of granulocytes/leukopenia in peripheral blood.


ACE Inhibitors

Antidiuretic hormones



-lam, -pam


Calcium Channel Blockers CCB

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

contain est

Glucocorticoids and corticosteroids

Histamine H2 Receptor antagonists

contains nitr

pancreatic enzyme replacement
contain pancre

protone pump inhibitors


Thiazide diuretics


Thyroid hormone
contains – thy

Xanthine bronchodialators

Antibiotics, used to treat life threating gram negative infections. The oral route is used as a bowel prep for surgery.

Antiviral protease inhibitor
used prophylactically. used in combination to decrease viral load and increase CD4

Reverse transcript inhibitor
Stops replication/growth. Reduces viral load

Antiviral protease inhibitor and Reverse transcript inhibitor are used in the treatment of ….

Thiazide diuretics
Non potassium sparing; Acts on distal tubes, blocks reabsorption of sodium, chloride and water. leads to increased loss of potassium. used for edema and mild to moderate hypertension

Hep A
runs its course and is water based

hep B &C
this type of hep is non curable

Atropine Sulfate
Speeds up Heart rate; also a drying agent

electrolyte and water balance agent; osmotic diuretic.

Vitamin B 12

Anti-hypoglycemic; metabolizes in the liver, plasma and kidneys. Emergency treatment of severe hypoglycemia in unconscious clients or those unable to swallow.

antiarrhythmic; Positive inotropic effect, meaning that in increases contraction of the heart muscles and in atrial fib, it slows the heart rate

Reversed anaphylactic reactions; restores cardiac arrest; can be used for acute asthmatic attacks

Anticoagulant; hep-lock flush is to maintain patency of IV catheters, and as a med it’s used to DVT, Pulmonary ambolus, angina and acute IM

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