NCLEX: Hypernatremia vs. Hyponatremia

-Na level in blood is totally dependent on how much water one has in their body
-feeding tube pts tend to get dehydrated

too much Na, not enough water

HYPERnatremia Causes
hyperventilation, heat stroke, DI

HYPERnatremia Signs and Symptoms
dry mouth, thirsty (already dehydrated by the time their thirsty), swollen tongue (extreme)
*neuro changes*

Treatment for HYPERnatremia
don’t restrict fluids, dilute pt with fluids (makes Na decrease), daily weights, I&O, lab work
*if you’ve got a Na problem, you’ve got a fluid problem*

too much water, not enough Na

HYPOnatremia Causes
-drinking H2O for fluid replacement (only replaces water and dilutes the blood)–need gaterade
-psychogenic polydipsia: loves to drink water, D5W (sugar&water), SIADH-retaining water

HYPOnatremia Signs and Symptoms
headache, seizure, coma
*neuro changes*

Treatment for HYPOnatremia
pt needs Na, does not need water, neuro problems=hypertonic NS (packed with particles)–3%NS, 5%NS

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