My physical well-being

My physical well-being

I believe that one of the most unique aspects about me is my awareness for my health and my physical well-being. For me, it is highly essential to maintain a fit and healthy body to avoid certain illnesses such as obesity, which is the illness I avoid most. My awareness for my health is best shown in my special passion for jumping rope. When I was 20 years old, I weighed 103kg. However, I was determined to reduce my weight and crafted a well-devised plan to attain my goal. Unlike most people who want to lose weight, I did not rush to reach my goal.

Instead, I took it one step at a time as I realized that if I worked hard and persisted, my efforts would grow into fruition. Basically, what I did was I started jumping rope for 300 times and I gradually increase it until I was able to jump with 4000 repetitions. No matter what time of the day it was, I engaged in this exercise and always made sure that I was able to jump 4000 times. As a result, I shed 30kg of my weight within six months. More importantly, this made me realize that I can achieve anything if I work hard for it. Moreover, I have a strong passion for religion.

I have attended mass for eleven years straight and I was very rarely absent. Even when I joined military service for two and half years, I never missed hearing mass I also actively participated in various activities such as singing in the choir and made a lot of friends while listening to church lectures. Furthermore, I am also service-oriented person. In fact, when I was in high school I helped maladjusted people by associating with them in club activities. In addition, my outgoing personality has helped me to easily make a lot of friends. In any gathering or meeting, I always see to it that I make the atmosphere light and harmonious.

In short, I am a unique person simply because I have an outgoing personality, a deep faith in my religion, a strong awareness for my health, and more importantly, I know myself and I strive hard to become the best that I can be. 2. Professional and intellectual aspirations and prior personal experiences… The field of study I wish to pursue is International Business. I believe that the said field would not only help equip me with the necessary knowledge, skills and training needed in business, but also make me adept in international rules and policies.

Moreover, aside from helping me achieve my dream of becoming a successful and established businessman in the future, I believe that the University of Illinois’ International Business program would also mould me into a diplomatic person who is able to understand and relate to the different cultures around the world. Basically, my interest in international business was sparked by my family’s influences. I was able to learn from my cousin, who lived in the United States for 10 years, about the culture of America. Moreover, my cousin also taught that it is highly important for me to see things from a global perspective.

In addition, my grandfather used to work for a foreign company told me his experiences in his workplace, which enabled me to get new ideas and insights that could help me reach my goal of becoming an international trader. Furthermore, I have also experienced dealing with international concerns when I worked for the Republic of Korea Air Force wherein I was appointed as a representative of soldiers. Basically, for four months, my main role was to lead a debate which would eliminate an evil practice in the corps.

The debate was held in the place where our country’s president usually debated with generals. Initially, I felt extremely nervous as I wasn’t sure if I could lead hundreds of people and if I could come up with a solution that would be in the best interest of everyone. However, I maintained my focus and, surprisingly, I was able to muster all my courage and delivered a speech in front of 10,000 people in a spacious auditorium. Upon completing my speech, I developed in me a great deal of confidence, which was a crucial step for me in achieving my goals.

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