My Ideal Job As A Dentist

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What is my Ideal Job

In my ideal job I would be in an office, with people, and using my head and hands. I will have high earning potential, supervise staff and help people. I will be successful because of my strong work ethic and compassion. I will be successful, therefore I will have high earning potential. Difficulties along the way do not matter to me because I have the necessary qualities for my job. My ideal job is a dentist. My Work Environment and Qualities My office will be sterilized, but not clinical. Many people are afraid of the dentist, so my office will feel like a spa.

I will employ people with impeccable bedside manners so I can perform general dentistry all day. Dentistry has too many patients and not enough time; I will work with a good support team to keep me on schedule. This will enable me to focus on my head and hands. If I can not be in top form, it could be detrimental to my patient. I am detail oriented, so I will be making at least six figures. So neither I nor my employees will be overworked, we will work Mondays through Fridays, from 8 am to 6 pm. The demands of dentistry do not scare me because of my qualities to succeed.

I am goal oriented, a people person, a fast learner, have a strong work ethic and I retain information well. I will be able to do the job because of my passion. It will keep me going when the material becomes difficult. This is why dentistry is my ideal job. I will treat my patients with respect and they will be taken care of. My office will be inviting and my staff will have great people skills. My patients will be comforted because they will have a doctor with attention to detail that will ensure that their mouth will be in the best shape possible. Running Head: Ideal Job My Ideal Job As A Dentist English.

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