module 3 part 2 practice

You have an adult patient with an accidental petroleum poisoning. Which of the following is the MOST expected route for this poisoning?

Pain that originates in a region of the body other than where it is felt Best defines which of the following?
Referred pain

The visible indication of a patient’s mood is termed:

You have a patient with carbon monoxide poisoning. Which of the following is your MOST important treatment after removing the patient from the source?
High-Flow oxygen

You come upon a man down at a food court in the local mall. Which finding would help you conclude the patient is MOST likely hypoglycemic?
Sudden onset of bizarre behavior

What is the medical terminology used for white blood cells?

What would be the most expected finding with a patient that has suffered a ruptured appendix with toxins that have spread throughout the abdomen?
Severe somatic (pain that is easily localized) pain throughout the abdomen.

You are assessing an 18-year-old female complaining of abdominal pain. Which of the following questions should you avoid asking?
When did you last have sexual intercourse?

Identify the signs and symptoms connected to carbon monoxide poisonings.
Headache, nausea, vertigo, and weakness.

What is the name for the yellowing of the eyes seen in severe cases of hepatitis?
Scleral icterus

Which of the following would be the BEST educational advice you could give to a patient who has a severe food allergy?
Recognize and avoid that food

Which of the following situations poses the greatest risk factor for suicide?
Alcohol or drug abuse

When restraining a patient, which of the following is most likely to harm a patient and should be avoided

Which of the following respiratory patterns is associated with an attempt to compensate for diabetic ketoacidosis?

Your diabetic patient is unresponsive, pale, cool, and diaphoretic. What would you suspect is occurring in the above patient

A diabetic young man is involved in a motor vehicle collision where he was at fault. After you learn of his diabetic history, your primary concern now is the
Possibility of low blood glucose

A mother brings her child to your fire station. The toddler is barely responsive and very lethargic. The mother has trouble speaking English and only can say that the child is “sick”. She makes motions to indicate that the child has been vomiting. The child is pale and has a very rapid pulse. Your first impression of this child is that he is:

a sharp type of pain from the abdomen that travels along neural routes is known as which of the following
Referred pain

you are called to treat a male patient complaining of right upper quadrant pain and pain in his right shoulder. This pain came on shortly after eating a piece of pizza. Which of the following organs should you suspect?
Gall bladder.

which of the following signs or symptoms would you LEAST expect to find in a patient suffering from an upper gastrointestinal bleed?
(melena, hematemesis, tearing pain in the upper quadrants

You are called to treat a patient with a suspected narcotic overdose. You should be alert for which of the following?
Respiratory depression

Peritonitis is typically caused by which of the following?

which of the following patients would most likely require the application of restrains?
A patient on PCP

Why is it important to attempt to determine when the poisoning occurred?
Some antidotes may only be effective if given within a specific window of time

In the case of a behavioral emergency which of the following would be a physiological cause?
Low blood sugar

You have a patient with hypoglycemia. Which of the following signs would be the least typical finding for this patient?
Flushed Skin

anemia is defined as a deficiency in production of which of the following?
Red blood cells

During your assessment of a patient having an allergic reaction, you find out he has a history of some type of heart problem. Which step should be done FIRST for the treatment of his problem today if you were allowed to do any of these skills?
Administration of oxygen via a high-concentration device

You are reviewing the signs, symptoms, and prevention of hypoxia with the family of a patient who requires frequent suctioning at home. Choose the information that you should cover. (Select all that apply.) A. Restlessness and anxiety are indications of …

A patient is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of diarrhea with dehydration. The nurse recognized that increased peristalsis resulting in diarrhea can be related to: a. sympathetic inhibition b. mixing and propulsion c. sympathetic stimulation d. parasympathetic stimulation …

Which of the following GI medications would be contraindicated in narrow angle glaucoma patients? Select all that apply A. pantoprazole (Protonix) B. metoclopramide (Reglan) C. promethazine (Phenergan) D. odansetron (Zofran) E. cyancocobalamin B. metoclopramide (Reglan) C. promethazine (Phenergan) >>Dopamine Antagonists …

For Type A individuals, exposure to stress is especially likely to inhibit organs such as the ________ from removing cholesterol and fat from the blood. liver Despite very stressful events in his life, Mark has been able to maintain good …

Which of the following illustrates the integration of informatics into a health care system to support cost containment? A. Offering free wireless internet access to visitors. B. Installing barcodes on medications with alerts for low supplies. C. Integrating an electronic …

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