Modern World History ch. 15

May fourth Movement
Rejected Confucian traditions and learning from the west

Mao Zedong
Led the Chinese communist party during the Long March

Good Neighbor Policy
A policy in which U.S. pledged to lessen its interference in the affairs of Latin American nations

A policy of rigid segregation practice in South Africa

An ancient Hindu doctrine of nonviolence and reverence for all life

Balfour Declaration
Advocates the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine

Venustiano Carranza
Mexican president who approved the constitution of 1917

Large plantations

Négritude Movement
Movement in which writers expressed pride in their African roots and protested colonial rule

Reza Khan
Shah that modernized Persia

Mexican Constitution of 1917
Nationalized the church’s land

Twenty one Demands
Claims made by the Japanese government to special privileges in China during World War One

Second Sino-Japanese War
1927 United the Guomindang and the communists

Mahandas Gahndi
Preached the doctrine of ahimsa

What did militarists who came to power in Japan do in the 1930s?
Taught children absolute obedience to emperor

What did Japan do in 1922 to protect its relations with the west?
Agree to limit the size of its navy

When did Japan become a true industrial power?
After World War II

Chinese who followed Marx and Lenin go support from what other country?
Soviet Union

What did the Allies do at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 that angered Chinese?
Have Japan control over former German possessions in China

What happened as a result of Sun Yixian’s efforts to rebuild China based on the Three Principles of the People?
China fell into chaos and Sun Yixian stepped down

Gandhi urged Indians to doc this to British goods?

During the fight for Indian independence in 1919 which even happened that became the turning point?
The Amritsar massacre

Ataturk led Turkish nationalists to overthrow the ________ and declare turkeys ________.
Ottoman Empire and republic

What did Reza Khan do that angered Muslim religious leaders in Persia?
Replaced Islamic law with secular law

What purpose did apartheid serve in South Africa? Who did it keep in power?
Ensure white economic, political and social supremacy

What effect did the Great Depression have on Latin America in the 1930s?
People lost faith in the idea of a liberal government

What was the result of the Treaty of Sevres for the Ottoman Empire?
They lost Arab a North African lands

Wha to tributes to the Mexican Revolution? Who wanted democracy?
The urban middle class wanted democracy

What province in China did Japanese ultranationalists seize control of?

WhT country moved toward widespread democracy in the 1920s?

How did Henry David Thoreau influence Gandhi on his ideas about protests?
Civil disobedience

What party dominates Mexican politics until after the free election of 2000?
Institutional revolutionary party (PRI)

In Turkey, Ataturks reforms did what to religion and law?

The revival of mural painting did what for cultural nationalism in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s?
Increased cultural nationalism

Name 3 events or political groups that created conflict in Japan that brought the ultranationalists to power in the 1930s.
The Great Depression, liberals, and growing militarism

Name three ways the Arabs were outraged by the Allies after World War I.
The Balfour Declaration, exploitation of Arab oil, and Arab lands were made British and French mandates

Name two effects of economic nationalism two effects of political nationalism and two effects of cultural nationalism that came from Latin America in the 1920-1930s.
Raised tariffs
Invested in industries

Strong authoritarian government
Strong leaders took control of the nations economy

Latin American writers artists and thinkers appeared
Celebration of Latin American cultures

What point in Mexican history was the most land returned to the peasants? Which president returned it to them?
Lázaro Cárdenas

What is the Indian caste system? Who is at the top? Who is at the bottom?
A system that keeps the classes of India within their boundaries. The Brahmans are at the top and the untouchables are at the bottom

How does the Hindu religion effect the caste system?
The Hindu religion supports and reinforces the caste system

Name two characteristics of the Hindu religion or Indian caste system.
Karma – every deed effects your future
Atman- essential self, universal soul

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