Modern technology

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Modern Technology Essay Introduction

People generally study from books or magazines, avoid travelling to far distances and get cured with available medicines. Not too long ago, everyday life was filled up with burdensome, time consuming chores that left little time for much more than completing these task. Modern technology has made changes to human life in improving efforts in education, travelling and medicine.

Students generally study their subjects through books and some other materials. The search for information could take a long time to find and study. As the modern technology increases, it enhances human efforts by the way of studying and searching of information.

By usage of internet to get the information as quick as possible with more information in a much more interesting way by pictures and videos. For example, when I was in school I had to search different books and to get enough information regarding a specific topic. But with the increase of modern technology, the information regarding a specific topic can be searched easily on internet with pictures and videos. This helps students to study their subjects in a more pleasant way. Modern technology makes human life more accessibility in travelling to long distances with in short span of time.

In old days to travel long distance people would mostly avoid travelling. Because it takes more time to travel to work . But due to modern technology, the way of travelling had a dramatic change with travelling to long distance have changed from days to hours and hours to minutes. These changes save time to do more work in less time. The changes have been done to each and every part of transportation like cars, trains, flights. For example, in my country to travel from Delhi to Hyderabad, travelling time depends on different transportation.

If we go by a train it takes 24 hrs to travel but through the use of technology, the bullet train were introduced, which run faster than train. Modern technology not only makes changes to education and travelling but also to medicines. People work hard to live their lives harmless. But as days passing, there are different kind of diseases increasing.

As modern technology increases, the way of introducing new medicine has also increased. For example, some of diseases which are not curable by medicine, like cancer also cured by using technology by using laser treatment and cures the cancer disease easily now a days. Long ago to find where the disease occurred in which part of our body has to take time.

As time passes, the disease could increase a lot and lead to death. By using technology the laser treatment made dramatic changes in cure to cancer. Modern Technology reduces the human effort sine very part of life like education, travelling and medicines. These changes make human life less of a burden, save time in searching information and travelling, also find a cure for many disease. Modern technology is very useful for humans in their day-to-day life which makes them to study effort less, travel to far distance and cures the disease which are not curable now. In the future modern technology can play a more crucial role in human life.

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