Medical terminology Chapters 4,5, and 6 (Multiple choice questions, part 3)

A collagen disease that was named for the characteristic rash across the nose in some patients is:
lupus erythematosus

Osteoid means:
resembling bone

Replacement of bone marrow by fibrous tissue is called:

A chronic disease involving the bones and joints is:

Lateral curvature of the spine is:

Inflammation of the bone, especially the bone marrow, is called:

Excision of cartilage is called:

Articulation is another name for:

Sacs of fluid located in areas of friction, especially in the joints, is called:

Inflammation of more than one joint is called:

Displacement of a bone from a joint is called:

Pulling the broken ends of a bone into alignment by manipulation without surgery is called:
closed reduction

The movement that brings the leg into a straight position is:

A malignant tumor composed of cartilage is called:
a chondrosarcoma

Surgical repair of the skull is called:

Excision of a rib is called:

Visualization of the interior of a joint is called:

Inflammation of a joint is called:

Incision of the cranium is called:

Below the breastbone is:

Pertaining to a rib and vertebra is:

The Physician who specializes in disorders of the skeletal and muscular systems is called an:

Myasthenia gravis is a:
disease characterized by great muscular weakness

Thoracic vertebrae are so named because they:
are part of the posterior wall of the chest cavity

Prolapse of the ankle is called:

The scapula is the:
shoulder blade

A condition is which the whole spine is stiffened is called:
ankylosed spine

The puncture of a joint space with a needle, usually done to remove excess fluid, is called:

An adjective that refers to the fibrous membrane that covers, supports, and separates muscles is:

Surgical repair of a tendon is:

The term for a broken bone that is visible through an opening in the skin is:
compound fracture

A disease characterized by the presence of many tumor masses in the bone and bone marrow is:
multiple myeloma

A myocele is a
fascial hernia

Inflammation of the vertebrae is:

Excision of a portion of the skull is:

A term that means between the ribs is:

The tail bone is the:

Softening of the vertebrae is:

Rupture of an intervertebral disk is also called:
herniated disk

Pertaining to the wrist and the fingers is:

Rachialgia means:
painful spine

Which of the following terms does not pertain to the pelvic bone: iliac, ischial, pubic, sacral
sacral does not pertain

Which term pertains to the breatsbone

Which adjective does not pertain to the bone of the arm? costal, humeral, radial, ulnar
costal does not pertain

Patellofemoral pertains to the
kneecap and thigh bone

A skeletal disorder in adults characterized by a disturbance in bone metabolism and commonly caused by a deficiency in vitamin D is:

Myelitis means inflammation of the:
bone marrow or spinal cord

Which of the following procedure is more likely to be performed to relieve the pain cased by a herniated disk?

Bones that are located between the toes and the bones of the ankle are:

Myolysis is:
destruction of muscle

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A disease which occurs most commonly in women between the ages of 20 and 50 and is characterized by destruction of joint surfaces, joint capsule and ligaments causing marked deformity and joint instability is Rhematoid arthritis A fracture that occurs …

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