Med Surge Ch 1 Zaina

An 89-year-old man, recently discharged from a rehabilitation hospital because of his
inability to concentrate and frequent memory lapses, cannot be left alone while his family
works because of safety concerns. What options can the discharge planning team suggest
that will give the greatest quality of life to the patient?
Placement in a day care center from 8 AM to 5 PM daily

A 66-year-old hospitalized patient is anxious about how the physician will be paid now that
the patient is on Medicare Part A and Part B, instead of his previous privately funded
insurance plan. The nurse explains that the physician will be paid by:
3. Medicare Part B.

A nurse could best refer an unemployed 42-year-old renal failure patient who has lost his
job-related private insurance to which health care plan for his medical care?

A 50-year-old woman with terminal cancer of the lung with extensive metastasis is
requesting a hospice transfer. The requirements for this transfer include:
physician confirmation that the patient has 6 months or less of life remaining and a
written order for hospice care.

A 42-year-old patient admitted yesterday with a DRG (diagnosis-related group) diagnosis of
Abdominal Pain, cause unknown, is being discharged this afternoon, because all diagnostic
tests have been negative. This is an example of:
cost containment related to DRG.

In discussing the discharge to a transitional sub-acute facility with a 72-year-old diabetic
who has had both legs amputated, the nurse informs the patient that his stay in the new
facility will be:
totally unlimited

Two of the primary branches of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are
Social Security Administration and Health Care Financing Administration

Which of the following is true about proprietary agencies?
They are organized to make a profit on their operation

Which patient would the nurse recognize as eligible for referral to Medicaid?
An unemployed young mother on welfare who needs diabetic medication for one
of her children

The nurse reminds a group of parents that the program to immunize children just beginning
school is an example of ____ prevention?

The person who is considered the forerunner of modern public health nursing in the United
States is:
Lillian Wald.

The nurse, using a colored picture of the food guide pyramid to teach proper nutrition
concepts to a patient with diabetes, is using a technique of ____ prevention.

A 76-year-old man, hospitalized for treatment following a stroke, asks the nurse how long
he can expect Medicare to cover his treatment. The nurse’s most informative response is:
“You can receive skilled care for up to 100 days.”

Health care benefits supported by both federal and state funding are exemplified in:
Medicaid provision for skilled care in the home.

The nurse assessing a 65-year-old client who is scheduled for outpatient surgery for
cataracts in 10 days will stress the:
provision of adequate postoperative care at home.

The nurse explains that skilled nursing facilities are mandated to staff their facility with:
one RN serving as director and one licensed nurse on duty for at least 8 hours each

A long-term care facility’s purpose is to:
offer care to clients who do not need hospitalization but cannot care for

A resident in a long-term care facility has difficulty swallowing and frequently chokes on
food and liquids. Because of the threat of aspiration, the nurse initiates a referral for
swallowing evaluation to a:
speech therapist

The nurse clarifies the difference between an HMO (health maintenance organization) and a
fee-for-service plan by pointing out that an HMO (select all that apply):
-requires a set fee from each client.
-provides both inpatient and outpatient care.

The nurse assures the parents of a newborn with congenital heart defect that the home care
for their child is eased and supported by (select all that apply):
-the availability of smaller and more compact equipment.
– specialized diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) for home care of children.
– Medicaid-funded care services.
– home care services funded by private insurance

The nurse outlines the benefits of the utilization of a home health aide for his or her ability
to assist a home-bound client with (select all that apply):
bathing and ambulating.

When the client inquires about eligibility for home health care, the nurse states that the
criteria for skilled home health care are (select all that apply):
-need for physical therapy or speech therapy
-need for IV medication administration
-need for wound dressing changes

The nurse explains that the mission of the Public Health Service is to (select all that apply):
– ensure safety of foods and cosmetics.
– provide access to health care services for low-income individuals.
– support medical research.
– support substance abuse prevention and treatment.
– monitor and prevent disease outbreaks.

The nurse explains that the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will (select all that apply):
charge a $250 deductible and
reimburse 95% of out-of-pocket expenses over $3600

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