Maternal ATI B

Postpartum breast feeding mother is discharged..what indicates effective teaching?
I will notify the doctor if my baby’s skin begins to turn yellow

Steps to perform Leopold Maneuver
Palpate the fundus
Determine the location of the fetal back
Palpate for the fetal part presenting at the inlet
Identify the attitude of the head

Charge nurse is watching a nurse administer pain meds. What method is inappropriate to use to identify a patient?
The room number

Client is early in labor. What should the nurse do before performing a labor assessment?
Ask the client to empty her bladder

Newborn is rooming in with her mother. Which action is safest?
the nurse compares the ID band of the baby to the ID band of the parent

Determine probable rupture of membranes
the ferning test

Newborn born 12 hours ago….which intervention by the nurse should be reported?
Substernal retractions

Caring for a client with elevated 1 hr 50g glucose screening result. What should you do?
Request a prescription for a 3 hr glucose tolerance test

20 hr post partum. What should the nurse do?
assist the client to void

20 hr post partum. What interventions should the nurse perform prior to assessment?
assist the client to void

Which lab finding indicates a postpartum infection?
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 26 mm/hr

Concern regarding the toddler’s acceptance of the newborn. Which of the following strategies should the nurse recommend?
Give the toddler a T-shirt that says, “I’m a big brother”

40 weeks of gestation and receiving a NST. The monitor shows 15/min increase above baseline, lasting at least 15 seconds in response to fetal movement 2 times in a 20 min period. What is the appropriate nursing action?
tell the client this is a reassuring finding

Caring for a client who is at 26 weeks gestation. Which finding should be reported to the provider?
Pitting edema of the ankles

Nagele’s Rule, August 9th.
May 16th

Post partum client receiving continuous IV heparin therapy for Thrombophlebitis. What nursing action should be taken.
Maintain the client on bed rest…

to decrease risk of pulmonary embolism

First stage of labor. What should the nurse use to distract the client from the pain?

Client post partum wants to practice traditional hispanic cultural beliefs with delivery. What should the nurse implement?
Protect the client’s head and feet from cold air

Client has received epidural anesthesia during labor. The client’s VS have become hypotensive. After placing the client on her left side what should the nurse do next?
increase the IV infusion rate

18 weeks gestation and has had an amniocentesis for diagnostic confirmation. Which statement is a complication?
my stomach seems tight since the doctor left

Client just delivered vaginally. The placenta has been delivered and the client becomes nonresponsive. What should you do first?
determine the respiratory function

Caring for a client 2 weeks after a c-section. Which finding should the nurse recognize as a possible sign on infection?
unilateral breast pain

Providing education about management of diabetes during pregnancy. What statement indicates the need for further teaching
I should eat most of my carbohydrates at breakfast

A nurse is assessing a newborn what findings are expected?
Heart rate 154/min
Resp rate 58/min
Weight 2.6kg (5lb 12 oz)

A nurse is caring for a client who receives an opioid for pain relief. What should the nurse administer?

Which is appropriate in assisting the client with efffleurage?
Have the client stroke the abdomen using ciruclar motions during contractions

Bathing instructions for a newborn
bathe the newborn every other day

Client is 34 weeks gestation. What is
should the client report to the provider.
Dull, intermittent back pain

Client with pre-eclampsia. What should the nurse expect?
blurred vision

Contraindication to receiving nalbuphine?
opioid dependency

Nurse performing vaginal exam. What should then nurse do to relieve pain for this client?
use counter-pressure

Client with hyperemesis gravidarum. What should the nurse anticipate doing first?
Start IV fluids


Client with elevated MSAFP. What should you do?
Request a prescription for an ultrasound

Pregnant lady exercising. What indicates understanding of teaching?
I will continue to swim throughout my pregnancy

Client is tensing with contractions. What should the nurse instruct?
take a cleansing breath

Car seat teaching newborn. what statement indicates need for further teaching?
I should position my baby forward-facing

Taking- hold phase
Demonstrating to the client how to perform a newborn bath

What does a BPP include?
fetal breathing movement

Child with circumcision using plastic bell. What instructions should the parents receive?
change the diaper at least q4 hours

RH immune globulin
medication is to prevent blood incompatibilites in next pregnancy

Nurse caring for a client and her partner about fetal death. Which is an appropriate action?
Allow the parents time to hold the fetus

Increase fetal lung maturity

Folic acid
neural tube defect

Infant 26 weeks. What finding should the nurse anticipate?
minimal arm recoil

26 hr newborn. What should the nurse report to the CCP?
Total serum bilirubin 14 mg/dl

Action for lactation suppression?
apply cabbage leaves to the breasts

Hyperbilirubinemia and phototherapy. What assessment finding is a potential complication?

Breastfeeding..understanding of teaching/
I will hold my baby tummy to tummy when I’m feeding her

Client thinks they are pregnant. What is the appropriate nursing response?
you can skip a period for other reasons. Describe your menstrual cycle

Nurse caring for full-term baby immediately after delivery. What action should the nurse take first>
Dry the newborn

Nurse is caring for Herpes simplex virus. What are the proper isolation precautions

Charge nurse has 4 patients in labor. Who should she see first?
Client with prolonged decelarations

32 weeks gestation with painless,vaginal bleeding. What should the staff nurse question.
Vaginal examination for cervical dilation….
this could stimulate the placenta

Adolescent client who is postpartum. What assessment find should the nurse address first?
Misinterpretation of infant feeding cues

Client with sudden V shaped decelerations. What should the nurse do?
Change the client’s position

Magnesium Sulfate….what should the nurse report the the HP
Absence of deep tendon reflexes

Breastfeeding client with engorgement what should the nurse recommend for swelling?
cold compresses

What findings indicate the use of oxytocin?
Flaccid uterus
Excess vaginal bleeding

Client making decision about uterine tube occlusion, which response “this process should have no effect on your sexual performance or adequacy.” 7 year old accepting new baby Obtain a gift from the newborn to present to the sibling WE WILL …

When completing the morning postpartum assessment, a nurse notices a client’s perineal pad is completely saturated with lochia rubra. Which action should be the nurse’s first response? Ask the client when she last changed her perineal pad. Which factor might …

Premature Labor PTL is the onset of labor before 37 weeks gestation Preterm Birth PTB refers to gestational age at birth of less than 37 weeks WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

The nurse admits a newborn to the nursery. On assessment of the newborn, the nurse palpates the anterior fontanel and notes that it feels soft. The nurse determines that this finding indicates which condition? A normal finding The nurse is …

What is a prolapsed umbilical cord? When the umbilical cord is displaced, preceding the presenting part of the fetus, or protruding through the cervix. How does a prolapsed cord affect the fetus? Results in cord compression and compromised fetal circulation. …

AFI Autonomic Fluid Index: -A measurement and scale of the amount of amniotic fluid present in the womb while a woman is pregnant. AGA Average for Gestational Age: -Describes a fetus or newborn infant whose size is within the normal …

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