The length of the spinal cord in an adult is ___ inches from the base of the medulla oblongata to the junction between the first (L1) and second (L2) vertebrae.

Interneurons also know as__________, are housed entirely within the CNS.

Damage to nerve cells without myelin sheath is permanent, because regeneration of nerve cells can only happen when _______ cells are present.

Both the brain and spinal cord are divided into gray matter and ______ matter

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 types of neurons?

Motor neurons are called______ because they transmit messages away from the cell body to the muscles and organs

Which of the following pairs is mismatched?
parietal lobe=controls vision

Which part of the brain is responsible for thoughts, judgement, memory, problem solving and language?

Which part of the brain controls body temp, appetite, sleep, sexual desire and emotions?

Which part of the brain consists of the thalamus and hypothalamus?

The medical term for fainting is:

Cataract removal is one of the safest & most effective surgeries, with a cure rate of _________% in most cases.

The most common symptoms of pinkeye include all of the following EXCEPT:
decreased sensitivity to light

When untreated, the ________ of glaucoma can damage the optic nerve, resulting in blindness.

Glaucoma affects________.
People of all ages and all races

The cornea, which is located at the front of the eye, may become the site of lesions or abrasions. Signs and symptoms include:
Blurred vision

There are specialized anatomic structures that receive the vibration of sound as well as being sensitive to gravity and movements of the head. These structures are connected to the _____ cranial nerve by special nerve fibers.

Which of the following is NOT one of the ear’s 3 distinct sections?

The auditory canal is about 2.5 ____ long.

There are tiny _____ cells that function as the receptors for hearing and equilibrium (balance).

_______can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, some related to sore throats or colds.
otitis media

When____ happens, the overgrowth of the tissue prevents the stapes from transmitting sound vibrations to the inner ear. The result is profound hearing loss involving one or both ears.

_______, which is most common in older adults, causes patients to have problems hearing high pitched tones as well as normal verbal sounds during conversations.

____ is frequently caused by hearing loss, loud noises, medicine & other health problems, such as allergies, tumors, and problems arising from the cardiovascular system.

In actuality, part of what we refer to as smell is really_____.

_______ are microscopic bumps on the tongue.
taste buds

___ is our oldest, most primitive & pervasive sense. It’s the 1st sense we experience in the womb & the last one we lose before death.

The shape of the auditory canal is_______.
slightly curved

The ____ is used to view the inner part of the eye.

Errors of ______ occurs when the eyeball is either too long or too short, the lens loses it elasticity, or the lens or cornea has an irregular curvature.

The ability to distinguish colors depends on the cones of the retina, which react to light and permit us to see shades of red, green and _______.

An eye exam every ____ is important to monitor changing conditions in the patient’s vision.
one year

The myopic eye requires a ________ lens to correct vision.

The hypothalamus connects the endocrine & _____systems.

_____ affects the growth of ovarian follicles and eggs in females & the production of sperm in males.

______ controls skin pigmentation in the epidermis.

The thyroid has _______ lobes.

A normal fasting blood glucose level is ______mg/dL.
70-100 or below 100

If hypothyroidism goes untreated, there is an associated risk of ____ due to high levels of LDL.
heart disease

Graves disease is the _______ of hyperthyroidism.
most common form

Insulin is a(n) ___ that lowers blood sugar by allowing the body’s cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

The most common form of diabetes is______.

Which of the following is NOT one of the classic symptoms of diabetes?
weight gain

Type _____ diabetes is ideally treated with diet and exercise, along with administration of oral hypoglycemic medication to help control the blood sugar levels.

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 types of diabetes?
type 4

The thymus gland is actually composed of lymphoid tissue and is located in the mediastinal cavity, in front of & above the ________.

Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is responsible for ______ syndrome, as regulated by the sympathetic nervous system.
fight or flight

Which of the following terms means excessive calcium in the blood?

Which of the following terms means insufficient sugar in the blood?

Which of the following statements regarding insulin is NOT true?
Insulin is secreted by the alpha cells of the pancreas.

Which of the following terms refers to having an excessive amount of hair?

An enlargement of the thyroid gland is called:

Which of the following medications is used to treat hyperglycemia?

Which of the following diagnostic procedures can be used to measure the levels of hormones in the blood?
Fasting blood sugar

Hypothermia is a state of body temperature lower than_____ degrees F.

Patients with ______ burns should have the area irrigated with large amounts of water.

Which of the following is NOT a common sign of shock?
extreme hunger

When using the AED, it is critical NOT to be ______ the patient when delivering the shocks or analyzing their response.

During CPR, ____________ fingers are adequate to compress the sternum of an infant.

Convulsions, or __________, are produced by disorganized electrical activity in the brain & are characterized by involuntary muscle contractions that may alternate between contractions and relaxation of muscles.

The most appropriate treatment for anaphylactic shock is ______.

An _____ is a cut with smooth edges, made with a knife or other sharp object.

According to FEMA, _________ are the most violent storms occurring in nature.

During a medical emergency, as an MA, you have a legal responsibility to act within your scope of ________.

Laws that protect health care professionals who volunteer in an emergency situation are known as:
good samaritan laws

Which of the following conditions poses the greatest emergency to a patient?

A patient who is conscious, capable of moving air through the upper airway, and can produce a strong cough likely has a:
partial airway obstruction with good air exchange

To assist someone who is choking, stand behind the patient and put your arms around his or her abdomen, between the xiphoid process and the ____.

_______ are the leading cause of death for both men and women.
heart attacks

Respiratory shock requires_____.
respiration and immediate transport to the ER

Which term means double vision?

Which term means record of hearing?

Tears are produced by the:
lacrimal apparatus

Which layer of the eye is responsible for supplying blood to the eye?

Which cranial nerve carries hearing and equilibrium sensory information to the brain?

The ossicles are located in which cavity of the ear?

The inner ear is located within the ____ bone.

Which term is not spelled correctly?

A glucometer is a type of ________ used to test glucose levels in patients.
handheld photometer

IM injections are given in 1 of 4 sites. These include all of the following muscles EXCEPT the _______.

Insulin injections are typically done in all of the following EXCEPT:

All needles and syringes should be placed in a ______ sharps container, needle down, as soon as they are used.

IM injections are always given at a _______ degree angle.

SC injections is usually given at a ______ degree angle to skin surface

The last step in performing manual capillary puncture is to:
record the procedure in the medical record of the patient

Which of the following sites are commonly used for manual capillary puncture?
the middle or ring finger

Needles used for blood draws are:

Capillary puncture is used for blood test for all of the following EXCEPT
plasma studies

A tourniquet should not be left in place for more than:
60 seconds

Diabetic patients who have not eaten in too long are at risk for:
Insulin shock

Times New Roman is a recommended resume font as it is easy to:

The ______ is a summary of your qualifications, which include your employment history, experience, training, and education. For your first position, this is generally a one page document.

Which of the following items should lead your resume?
the objective statement

It is a good idea to include your ___ in a resume

Power words help your resume stand out from others. All of the following are power words EXCEPT:

The module 6 video compares a resume without accomplishments to a:
report card without grades

Recent graduates without a lot of work experience in the field they are entering may want to list which of the following first?

It is best to leave specific numbers out of a resume and instead provide examples of _____ experience that are generalized.

It is common today for companies to require job seekers to submit resumes to an __________
electronic site

If you don’t have relevant employment history, what should you include on your resume?
relevant skills and experience from externship

Hepatitis________ is transmitted by fecal waste contamination of food and the water supply.

Questions relating to which of the following are NOT prohibited by the law?
Employment History

Respiration is achieved through all of the following EXCEPT the _____________.

A micrometer is one _________ part of a meter.

Plasma is about _______________________ percent of the compression of blood and carries cellular elements and other substances.

Mascular degeneration, which is caused by a deterioration of the central portion of the retina, is an incurable disease of the eye that affects more than ten million Americans. It is considered one of the leading causes of blindness in Americans over age __________.

Cardiomegaly is a(n)?
Enlarged heart

The blood carries the waste products to all of the following places for elimination EXCEPT the _____________.

The nasal mucosa produces about 1 ________ per day of mucus, which is used to moisten the air moving through the nose and to trap pollen, dust, and other foreign matter traveling through the nose.

A(n) _______ is a programmable machine or system of hardware that responds to a specific set of instructions and performs a list of instructions in a programmed language called software

Lymphocytes, one of the types of _____ blood cells, are produced in the lymph nodes.:

A vaginal ____________ is an instrument used to hold open the walls of the vagina.

The functions of the __________ are transportation and protection.

______ is the use of special tools to measure the body or specific parts.

_______ involves copying all files from the computer to an external medium, such as an external hard drive or optical disc.

__________ is the destruction of all microorganisms, both pathogenic and nonpathogenic.

______ is passively assessing the range of motion of a joint.

Which of the following is a common refractive error?
Myopia, Hyperopia, and Presbyopia

_______ percent of plasma is water.

A(n) _____ is a doctor of optometry, not a medical doctor, who can perform eye examinations, prescribe medications needed for an eye examinations, and write prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Salary and benefits are NOT generally discussed in the _____ interview.

Red blood cells carry ________ molecules.

Individuals testing positive for ketones may have a “fruity” odor to their urine. This can be indicative of uncontrolled _______.

The ________ is the clear, transparent covering of the eye.

The thyroid cartilage, the largest of the cartilage structures, is also known as the __________ apple.

Fibrinogens are ________ involved in clotting.

The lens of the eye loses its _______ with age, which impairs the ability to focus.

Which of the following is a way that placement offices can offer assistance?
Providing help with developing a cover letter, resume, and a follow-up letter

Radial keratotomy is a surgical procedure that may be performed to correct________.
Nearsightedness and Myopia

The average adult’s lungs contain about _______ million alveoli (spongy, air-filled sacs) that are surrounded by capillaries.

Which of the following is NOT one of the fie types of white blood cells?

A nerve is a bundled unit of nerve fibers located ______ the brain and spinal cord, connecting various parts of the body.

The _______ of a computer acts as a traffic controller, directing the computer’s activities and sending electronic signals to the right place at the right time.

Many medical offices change _______ every 60 to 90 days for added security.

A ______ occurs when an area of tissue is destroyed by the action of physical heat, chemical activity, high electrical current, or heavy exposure to radiation.

Which of the following is a common mistake and should be avoided when writing a cover letter?
All of the above

Technical ________ are electronic protections to prevent unauthorized access over networks and to encrypt all e-PHI.

Arteries _______ because of the high pumping pressure they receive from the heart.

To ______ is to start up a computer.

Treatment for first-degree burns involving less than ______ percent of the body surface includes pain relief by means of cool water.

When the physician orders a blood test, the role of the medical assistant is to _________ the specimen.

The physician will often order a glycosylated hemoglobin (hbgA1C) to test the long-term of ________.

The day of the interview, you will be judged immediately by your appearance. You should present a conservative, well-groomed professional appearance, which does not include _________.
Wearing lots of bright colors

A patient who is _______ may experience chest tightness, deep sighing breaths, rapid pulse, or cardiac palpitations.

A _________ is used to measure range of motion in a joint.

Earning a Phlebotomy Certification provides the following benefits EXCEPT________.
License to analyze blood samples

Computers are considered a fundamental piece of operating equipment to perform and enhance quality patient care through data collection, eliminate duplication of work, and decrease ___________.

There is (are) ________ known treatment(s) or cure(s) for dry mascular degeneration.

The early recognition of the symptoms of conjunctivitis and its treatments, including administration of antihistamines, and/or antibiotics by an ophthalmologist or a family physician, are important because __________.
The infection is highly contagious.

A nerve fiber is a ______ elongated process, usually an axon or a peripheral process:

The incubation period for HIV and AIDS can vary by individual and can be up to _________.
Many Years

Receptors are typically specialized to react to specific stimulation by initiating a _________ change.

All of the following are some of the causes of low pH EXCEPT _________
Diet high in Vitamin C

The _______ are the final branching of the respiratory tree and perform gas exchange for the lung.

Which of the following is a typical question or request during an employment interview?
All of the following

The ________ are the two main branches of the trachea that stretch between the trachea and the lungs.

__________________ refers to the resistance of the skin when grasped between the fingers.

Which of the following is the study of the fungi?

Which of the following is NOT a Characteristic of arterial bleeding?
Dark Red

_ is a rare, life-threatening condition that is a result of long-term, untreated hypothyroidism.

Which of the following is a place where microorganisms are normally found?
All of the above

Another name for red blood cells is____________?

Which of the following is NOT one of the three parts of the pharynx?

A(n) ____________ device, such as the keyboard and scanner, feeds instructions and data into a computer.

Which of the following is NOT considered an outside invader that accesses confidential information and commits Identity theft?

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