Lipoma (Skin Lumps)

What is a lipoma? Lipoma definition is a growth of the tissue which can be of the cosmetic or dangerous origin. It is usually located under the skin, but sometimes this illness may affect internal organs which contain fatty tissue.

The most vulnerable parts refer to neck, back, shoulders, arms. This neoplasm can be of various sizes and localization. Also, there is no exact relation between age and frequency of this illness. However, the statistics say that small lump is rarely developed among children.

The average size of the small lipoma is 2 cm, but sometimes giant neoplasms may also be formed. It is usually painless and has a color of skin. Its structure is soft and mobile. Skin lumps can be not only related to fatty tissue but a connective as well. In this case, it has a more dense consistency.

There can be both single and multiple neoplasms. They can be placed on the back, on the shoulders, on the chest, on the legs and the stomach.

In general, any place of the human body, which are formed with the fatty tissue, may become the central space for the development of skin lumps. Often they are found on the scalp, covered with hair, on the face, behind the ears.

Lipoma Causes

Doctors identify two main medical causes of the neoplasm formation:

  • The growth of a tumor. In this case, the fat cells of the neoplasm multiply from one cell, being its clones. Therefore, most such tumors have a lobular structure.
  • Forming against a background of disturbed outflow of the sebaceous glands. In this case, fat cells are accumulated in the lumen of the gland. Such tumors most often come to the surface through the lumen of the sebaceous gland.

As to other reasons one may distinguish the following causes for lipoma symptoms:

  • Hereditary predisposition. In this case, it is a disease such as lipomatosis, which is characterized by the formation of a variety of tumors. This pathology is inherited by an autosomal dominant type and manifests itself in youth, regardless of the sex of the child.
  • Changes in the fat metabolism. This cause does not depend on what kind of physique the person is. It can be either a thin or full person. Fats cannot freely pass through the walls of blood vessels and clog them. If this process progresses, a person develops a disease called atherosclerosis.
  • Unbalanced diet. Risk factors that lead to elevated blood levels of low-density lipoprotein: predominance of animal fats in the menu, genetic diseases. It should be noted that doctors call skin lumps almost the only visible markers that may push a person to the idea of ​​an increased level of cholesterol in the blood and go for a doctor’s consultation.
  • Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene. Lipomas can form on the site of acne, which was incorrectly treated. Sebaceous glands continue to accumulate a thick secret that can block their lumen. The preserved sebaceous secret forms a lipoma

Lipoma Treatment

Only doctors can determine the final diagnosis of lipoma. There are only individualized methods of treatment. If this benign tumor bothers the person, the doctor will have to conduct a lipoma surgery. Besides, the doctor carries out a puncture of the neoplasm with a subsequent cytological examination of the material obtained.

It is also possible to conduct a histological analysis, which is carried out after the removal of the lipoma. This investigation will show whether the tumor is benign or malignant. If the results are not favorable, the person will have to undergo other examinations for identifying whether the this symptom hasn’t triggered complications.

Skin lumps can be treated easily if the ill doesn’t postpone a visit to the doctor. There are lots of methods which can make this tumor smaller or get rid of it.

However, if the persons ignore such tumors, there is a high risk of possible complications and the development of other illnesses. If there is even the smallest suspicion of the skin lumps development, go to the doctor to get rid of this symptom.

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