JUS 403 Final

It is possible through further distillations to achieve an alcohol content of up to what percent?

Approximatley 90% of the alcohol in the blood reaches the brain almost immediatly?

The LD50/Ed50 ratios for alcohol is approximately what amount?

studies show what percent of all murders are committed when the killer is under the influence of alcohol?

the specific rate of oxidation is approximately 100 mg of alcohol per hour per kilogram of body weight, which calculates 8 grams of alcohol will be broken down in what time frame if you weight 174 lbs?
1 hour

what is the process called after alcohol consumption, where primary bodily reaction is breaking it down for removal?

fermentation achieves an alcohol content of what percent?
between 12 and 16

fermentation results in a maximum alcohol content of what percent?

fermentation is to 15% alcohol content as distillation is to what % alcohol content?

How much alcohol content does distillation result?

according to the US federal regulations, what schedule is marijuana in?
Schedule I

present-day marijuana contains approximately how much THC?
about 10%

There are about how many separate chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, that have identified from cannabis resin?

In certain cannabis products, THC concentrations can be how high?”

What is Bhang?
when a marijuana is laced with LSD or equivalent in potency to a marijuana cigarette

by 1890, the hemp crop had been replaced by what other product as a major source of farm income in the US south?

during the 1920’s, what were the “tea Pads”
places where marijuana could be smoked

who was leading the anti-marijuana crusade in the 1930s?
the federal bureau of narcotics

what were the results of the marijuana tax act of 1937
imposed tax on marijuana use

what type of legislation did the marijuana tax of 1937 lead to?
all of the US states making pocession of legaliztion illegal

peak levels in the blood occur about how long after taking the drug THC
10 minutes

how long do the behavioral effects of marijuana last?
2 to 4 hours

when smoking marijuana how fast is the absorption/excretion process
absorbtion fast excretion slow

THC can be detected in the blood for several days after using marijuana due to what factor?
slow excretion of THC from fatty tissue

In which region has marijuana been linked to the highest rate of psychiatric problems
india and north africa

according to the national survey of drug use and health in 2009,lt was found that what percent of the Us populatoion over the afe of 12 had used marijuana at least once in their lives?

the naturally occuring substance that stimulates the THC senstivity brain receptor is called

according to the text , one joint has approximately the same amount of tar as how man cigarettes?

currently, how does marijuana rank among drug related emergency department visits?

long term marijuana smokers show cognitive impairment for how long after marijuana smoking?
3 days

congress passed the anabolic steroid control act, reclassifying anabolic steroids as what level on the drug control schedules?
schedule III

penalties for violating the law can result in how long a prison term?
up to 5 years

as a result of the legislation, anabolic steroid control act pharmacies are permitted to fill anabolic steroid prescriptions only how many times maximum?
five times

as a result of the legislation, anabolic steroid control act, in conjunction with a prison sentence, steroid sellers can be fined how much for illegal nonmedical sales?
$250,000 fines

as a result of the legislation, anabolic steroid control act, in conjunction with a prison sentence, sellers can recieve what type of penalties for selling anabolic steroids to minors?
penalties are doubled for minors

the first use of anabolic steroids was in the treatment of what illness?

what other substance is anabolic steroid patterened after

what are the two promary effects testosterone has on the human body?
androgenic, and anabolic

since anabolic steroid distribution has become an enormous black market enterprise, the common phrase toward a steroid user is what?
“On the Juice”

Gary, the football quarterback is a steroid user. his buddy time asks him if is currently using steroids by asking a certain code- name phrase. What is that phrase?
Is he “On the Juice”

What does anabolic literally mean?

what does androgenic literally mean?

from 1975 to 1985, official programs existed for administering anabolic steroids to competitive swimmers in what country
East Germany

what did the 2003 anti-drug code adopt for internation sports?
all of the above

when did anabolic steroids use among college athletes begin
the 1960s

the most severe penalties for steroid use among US and international athletic organizations are enacted by which organization
the world anti-doping agency

what is a possible side effect as a relt of the presence of anabolic steroids in male users
testicles shrink

what is gynecomastia
the enlargement of the breasts

some atheletes have attempted to counter undesirable hormonal effects by combining anabolic steroids with what other substance that ordinarily stimulaties the testes to secrete testosterone?

What is one of the documented health hazards from chronic use of anabolic steroids that develops?
liver tumors.

The term anabolic steroid is used to define those compounds which are synthetically derived from testosterone. These are steroids which bring about various physiological changes, upon their consumption. They accelerate the rate of protein synthesis in the cells and thereby …

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Substance abuse is today’s predominantly insidious health and social dilemmas. Substance abuse connotes to the detrimental or death-defying utilization of psychoactive substances, in addition to alcohol and illicit drugs and the use of these substances use can lead to dependence …

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