Joint Pain

The joint is a moving part of the limb where two bones meet. Bones are held in place by ligaments (strong tissue harnesses) and move by muscles and tendons (the latter attach the muscle to the bone). The pain in any of these parts is considered as joint pain.

Joint pain is an uncomfortable type of aching musculoskeletal system of our body. The statistics show that approximately 30% of the world population experience this symptom several times in a year. Also, it has a close relation with the age of a person.

People who are over 40 are more vulnerable to this illness. The older person becomes, the higher the likelihood of having this pain is.

And it is no wonder because the anatomy and aging processes can explain this tendency in our organism.

It is high time people pay more attention to the problem with joint ache because it is considered as the first most common illness of the musculoskeletal system.

This unpleasant feeling doesn’t only create discomfort but may lead to more severe consequences. If not treated, the disease makes even the simplest movements difficult, and the active lifestyle remains to be remembered.

Causes of Joint Pain

It is significant to understand the cause of the pain to “decipher” the signals which your body sends and prevent severe consequences. Only then you can apply the correct treatment and avoid many complications.

Arthritis is one of the possible causes of the specific pain. This disease denotes the inflammation of one or several joints and surrounding tissues at a time. Symptoms are indicated on the swelling: limitation of movements, heat, pain, and redness.

More than 100 pathological conditions, such as infections and violations of the blood, contribute to the development of arthritis.

Traumas or active sport can be another reason for pain in knees, hips, feet, arms, shoulders. Depending on the type of sport, there is a higher likelihood that specific part can be inflamed. For instance, professional dancers go to doctors because of aching feet and knees.

Due to intensive training, some parts of our body take lots of pressure. It is significant to give some time for the injured part to relax and recover.

Treatment and Medication

There is no particular tablet which will prevent pain. It is more the question of the physical therapy. If you have joint pain which doesn’t disappear for more than a week, it is a sign to visit a doctor.

The specialists who can help you are rheumatologists or traumatologists. Don’t go directly to the masseur without a previous doctor’s consultation.

Physical therapy includes strengthening muscles next to the aching joint, stabilizing the painful part, or improving the variety of motion.

You will have to attend several doctor’s appointments with specified techniques which include ultrasounds, massages, electrical nerve stimulation, exercises, cold or heat therapies, and other kinds of manipulation.

Any illness starts with the inflammation of the surrounding tissue, the resulting swelling, and irritation of the nerve endings. If the ill doesn’t go to a professional doctor on time, there is a probability of irreversible chronic joint diseases like arthritis associated with lesions.

This leads to the almost complete destruction of the cartilage of the joint. Subsequently, through such partial destruction, a person may lose the ability to move and require surgical treatment, including arthroplasty.

Preventing Joint Pain

Our body loses its functionality with the age if we don’t stick to several rules. Indeed, it is not that difficult to go in for sport regularly without doing that much strenuous exercises. It will help your body to be energetic.

Not only arthritis but other illnesses will not stay for long in a sporty shape. Swimming and bicycling are among the best types of the sport because they don’t require overwhelming efforts. These activities will help you to be active and train each part of your body.

Moreover, it doesn’t take lots of time, but your joints will thank you for this caring treatment.

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