Introduction to Professional Nursing Concepts Test 1

EMSON vision
the EMSON is a dynamic, student-centered school recognized as a leader in nursing education and research

EMSON mission
to promote the health of society through education of professional nurses, research, and service

EMSON Philosophy
a synthesis of the personal beliefs of the faculty in relation to the person, society, environment, health, nursing, education, the learning process and the role of the graduates of the program.

teaching, research, service
What three things are the philosophy and mission of EMSON based on?

COEHP mission
a) The mission of the College of Education and Health Professions is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Arkansas, the nation, and the world through the development of scholar-practitioners in education, health, and human services.

addicted, impersonating, diversion, license, records, unprofessional, pornographic, patient, probation
10 methods a nurse can lose her license:
1-_____ nurse is not in good recovery program
2-________ another licensed practitioner
3-_______ of drugs
4-Providing a false copy of ______
5_______ fraud
6-Falsifying patient _______
7-_________ conduct
8-Hosting a ______ website
9-________ abuse and neglect
10-Violating _________

an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility

being responsible and accountable to self and others for behaviors and outcomes included in one’s professional role

embracing, maintaining, competence, professional practice environment
A professional nurse achieves accountability by ______ professional values, _______ professional values, maintaining _______, and maintenance and improvement of ______ ________ _________

the quality of state of being self-governing; the freedom to act on what you know

evidence based practice
What makes nurses autonomous?

capacity of a nurse to determine his/her own actions through independent choice, including demonstration of competence, within the full scope of nursing practice

the right to make decision and take control

the state of being in good physical and mental health

primary health care
health care that is provided by a health care professional in the first contact of a patient with the health care system

cooperative effort among healthcare providers, staff, and multiple organizations who work together to accomplish a common mission

serve as the fount of knowledge and expertise for the delivery of nursing care globally. Grounded in core Magnet principles, they will be flexible and constantly striving for discovery and innovation. They will lead the reformation of health care, the discipline of nursing, and care of the patient, family, and community.
i. Components:
a. Transformational Leadership- lead people to where they need to be in the FUTURE
b. Structural Environment
c. Exemplary Professional Practice
d. New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements
e. Empirical Outcomes
ii. Promoting quality, disseminate best practices in nursing

patient rights
encompass legal and ethical issues in the provider-patient relationship, including a person’s right to privacy, the right to quality medical care without prejudice, the right to make informed decisions about care and treatment options, and the right to refuse treatment

patient rights
purpose is to ensure ethical treatment of a patient

a fund of knowledge and learning

discovery, teaching, application, integration
These are suggested as the 4 activities that are considered to be “scholarly”

“as those activites that systematically advance in teaching, research, and practice of nursing through rigorous inquiry that:
1-is significant to the profession
2- is creative
3- can be documented
4- can be replicated
5- can be peer-reviewed through various methods

nursing theory
an organized framework of concepts and purposes designed to guide the practice of nursing

professional nurse
shows autonomy, responsibility, and accountability

standards of practice
describe minimal expectations

scope of practice
describes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of nursing practice

critical thinking
purposeful, informed, outcome focused (results-oritented) thinking that required careful identification of key problems, issues, and risks

critical thinking characteristics, theoretical and empirical knowledge, interpersonal skills/competencies, technical skills/competencies
What are the Four components of critical thinking?

humility, integrity, courage, empathy
What are the four intellectual traits used in critical thinking?

student learning process
attend class, get the homework done, and get a study group

study skills
preparation, reading, using class time effectively, using the internet, preparing assignments, projects, for discussion, preparing for and taking quizzes and exams

nurse practice act
the act that governs nursing practice in the state in which the nurse practices

a process used to ensure that practitioners are qualified to perform and to monitor continued licensure (get badge)

the process by which organizations are evaluated on their quality, based on established minimum standards

Nursing began as ________

organization that represents all RNs in the United States, but not all RN’s belong to this

1-professional practice and excellence
2- health care and public policy
3- Knowledge and research
4- Unification
5- Advocacy for workforce and workplace rights
6- Organizational effectiveness

AACN (american Association of Colleges of Nursing)
national organization for education programs at the baccalaureate level and higher

promotes innovation, research, and practice to advance nursing education

Goal 1- provide strategic leadership that advances professional nursing education, research, and practice
Goal 2-develop faculty and other academic leaders to meet the challenges of changing healthcare and higher education environments
Goal 3- Leverage AACN’s policy and programmatic leadership on behalf of the profession and discipline

NSNA (national student nursing association)
national organization with chapters within schools of nursing

mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance

ARSBN (arkansas state board of nursing)
achieves its mission by developing standards for safe nursing care, approval of nursing schools and regulating liceses to practice nursing

protect and advocate for the public
**What is the purpose of the ARSBN?

1-issuing licensure
2-acting on complaints
3- approving nursing programs

Interpersonal theory

self-care theory

Need theory

Behavioral System Model

Adaptation Theory

Goal Attainment Theory

Transcultural OR Theories of Cultural Diversity Nursing

Unitary HUman Beings

From Novice to Expert

Philosophy of Human Caring Model

Environmental Theory

nursing process
The standards of practice is based on what ?

standards of practice
Examples: assessment and evaluations, outcome and identification, and implement care

What kind of relationship do nurses want with a physician?

code of ethics
the goals, values, and obligations to my profession


diagram representing an idea, phenomenon, or statistical relationship among variables; framework or a system for organizing hypothesis

a term given to a body of knowledge used to define various aspects to the profession of nursing

teaching research, practice through rigorous inquiry, and research

philosophies, preparations, outcomes
The 4 year BSN is more in depth in _________, _________, and ________

nurse practice act
determines what you can do in a state

gradma, church charity, low socioeconomics, church/apprenticeship, state
brief history

follow someone around until they knew what they were doing

Socialization The process of learning and incorporating these aspects of a profession(values, skills, behaviors, and norms) into individual professional identity. When does socialization occur? 1) begins in the nursing program 2)graduating and begins again when entering a professional setting 3) …

Which of the following is responsible for authorizing the practice of nursing? State board of nursing ​Which of the following is one of the foundations of the nursing profession? Professional values WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY …

History and work of Florence Nightingale Trained in Germany Was away on spa retreat Did not believe in the germ theory or in licensure Shamed her parents when choosing nursing because it was associated with prostitutes Body and mind as …

Autonomy Individuals have the right to determine their own actions and freedom to make their own decisions. e.g. Individual value, adequate information and freedom from coercion. Pt. has the right to refuse or give consent to treatment. Fidelity Faithfulness honoring …

Hospital-based nursing They provide direct patient care, serve as educators, managers, and administrators who teach or supervise others and establish the direction of nursing hospital wide. Community Health nursing Work in ambulatory clinics, health departments, hospice, and a variety of …

Art of Nursing Holistic, culturally, sensitive, caring, interpersonal relationships, human dignity, spirituality, healing, empathy, mutual respect, and compassion Science of Nursing Learned profession, critical thinking, diagnose and treat, judgement, skills, nursing process, EBP (evidence based practice), SOP (standards of practice). …

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