Intro To Physical World Chapter 14

A cT air mass is dry and warm.

False – humid and hot
An mT air mass is humid and cool.

Air masses that form in the Gulf of Mexico are classified as mT.

Air masses that form in the North Pacific are classified as mP.

False – cT and cP
The air masses that have the greatest influence on weather conditions in the Midwestern United States are cT and mP.

False – Midwestern weather is caused by cP air masses from Canada and mT air masses from the Gulf of Mexico.
The Midwestern United States is an important region in which air masses originate.

False – air mass blows across the country
Continental polar air masses seldom influence the weather south of the Great Lakes.

False – Cold front have a steep slope. Warm front has a gentle slope
Warm fronts generally have steeper slopes than cold fronts.

False – Cold fronts move faster than warm fronts.
Cold fronts usually move more slowly than warm fronts.

Precipitation associated with a cold front is usually more intense and shorter in duration than precipitation generated by a warm front.

False – An occluded front is an alternating triangle and semicircle.
An occluded front is depicted on a weather map as a line with semicircles on one side of a line and triangular points on the other side.

False – Stationary front
A front that has not moved for the last six hours is referred to as a stopped front.

False Warm front west of Cold front
In a mature middle-latitude cyclone, the warm front is usually east of the cold front.

Surface cyclones are caused by divergence in the jet stream above.

False – Cumulonimbus
Thunderstorms are usually associated with nimbostratus clouds.

Most severe thunderstorms that occur in the middle latitudes form along or ahead of cold fronts.

Thunder is produced by lightning.

False- Calmest part of hurricane
The eye of a hurricane has the highest wind speeds.

It causes Divergence and Convergence causes cyclones and anticyclones.
Divergence in the jet stream causes surface low pressure regions.

False- April-June June highest
The summer months (June through August) is the period of greatest tornado frequency in Illinois.

Tornadoes are most often generated along the cold front of a middle-latitude cyclone.

False- Tornadoes- Winter, Spring and Summer Hurricanes- Late Summer and Fall
Hurricanes that affect the United States occur most frequently during the same months that tornadoes are more prevalent.

False- other way around
Tornadoes are cyclonic, while hurricanes are anticyclonic.

False- between 500 and 2000 ft wide
An average tornado measures about two kilometers in diameter.

In Asia hurricanes are called typhoons.

False- Tropical Storm has stronger wins
A tropical depression has stronger winds than a tropical storm.

False- Calmest at the eye
In a hurricane the greatest wind speeds and heaviest rainfall occur in the region called the eye.

Hurricanes do not usually form within 5 degrees latitude of the equator.

True- August- October
Hurricanes most often develop in late summer and early fall.

False- accumulate at top of cloud.
In most cumulonimbus clouds that produce lightning, positive charges accumulate in the middle of the cloud.

False- Negative ions are attracted from the cloud to the positive ions on the ground.
Lightning is the movement of negative charges from the ground to the cloud above.

Air Mass
large body of air that is characterized by a homogeneity of temperature and moisture at any given level is a(n)__________

The Summer, come from Mexico
cT air masses form in __________

The boundary between air masses having different densities is called a _________

When an active cold front overtakes a warm front, a(n) ________ front forms.

The hurricane has run out of warm water which is the fuel for the storm
When a hurricane moves onto land the storm declines in intensity because __________

The electrical discharge of lightning rapidly heats the air, which in turn causes the air to expand rapidly producing __________

In the western Pacific hurricanes are called ___________

At the center of a hurricane is a relatively calm region called the ___________

In this central part of the hurricane the direction of airflow is ____________

Eye wall
The tube-shaped inner structure of the hurricane composed of towering cumulonimbus clouds is the _________

Wind Shear
Winds moving in different directions at different altitudes is referred to as _________

If an observer sees cirrus clouds, followed later by cirrostratus, and then altostratus, he or she is witnessing the approach of a(n) ____________ front.

In Illinois tornadoes most often move toward what direction?

ocean currents and trade winds
Hurricanes move west across the Atlantic because they are pushed by

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