Intro to ATR Chapter 6

A critical consideration in avoiding heat stress is to:

A heat disorder characterized by profuse sweating, diarrhea, persistent muscle cramps and dizziness with loss of coordination is:
Exertional heat exhaustion

A rare condition in which muscle temperature increases faster than core temperature and has symptoms similar to heat stroke is known as:
Malignant Hypothermia

A syndrome characterized by sudden catabolic destruction and degeneration of skeletal muscle is known as:
Acute Exertional Rhabdomyolysis

A syndrome that reflects a desynchronization of the athlete’s biological time clock is called:
Circadian dysrhythmia

A white cotton T-shirt has a sun protection factor of five.

Absence of sweating with hot, flushed skin, sudden collapse, altered consciousness and seizures is indicative of:
Exertional heat stroke

According to the evidence, synthetic turf is definitely more likely to cause injury than natural grass.

All of the following are symptoms of frost nip EXCEPT:
Skin tissue may become gangrenous

An SPF of 10 means that an athlete can be exposed to ultraviolet light 10 times longer than without a sunscreen before the skin will turn red.

An athlete suffering from pulmonary edema may experience all of the following EXCEPT:
Pale Skin

An athlete who has a loss of greater than 2% of his/her body weight should not be allowed to participate until normal body weight returns.

As an athletic trainer, what is the first step that should be taken after seeing lightning or hearing thunder?
Stop activity at once and seek shelter

As body weight increases, the incidence of death by heatstroke also increases by a ratio of:

Athletes with a large muscle mass are particularly prone to heat illness.

Body temperature regulation results almost entirely through cutaneous cooling from radiation.

Carbon monoxide causes an increased resistance to air movement in and out of the lungs and decreased ability of the lungs to rid themselves of foreign matter and can lead to death.

Death is imminent if the core body temperature rises above 104° F for an extended period of time or drops between 77º F and 85º F.

Exertional heat exhaustion is caused by the sudden onset of thermoregulatory failure, which can lead to death if untreated.

Flying from West to East has been demonstrated to decrease performance.

For work or sports in temperatures below 32° F, it is advisable to add a layer of protective clothing for every 5 mph of wind speed.

Heat is eliminated by the body in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

Heat loss in cold weather occurs most often from the warm vascular areas of the groin and armpit.

How may minutes before exposure to the sun should sunscreen be applied?

If the flash to bang is 15 seconds, how far away is lightening occurring?
3 miles

In giving emergency treatment for a heat stroke victim, the athletic trainer should direct efforts at:
Rapid whole body cooling followed by transport to the hospital

In mountain sickness the symptoms can cause a sodium and potassium imbalance leading to fluid retention within the cells and the subsequent occurrence of abnormal pressure.

In the cold, which of the following form a triad that can lead to musculoskeletal injury?
Inadequate clothing, improper warm-up, high chill factors

Just as in the heat, in cold weather an athlete should maintain a body temperature ideal for competition as not to increase the likelihood of injury.

Most people replace about _____ of water lost through sweating when exercising in hot and humid climates.

Myoglobin is found in the urine of individuals with acute exertional rhabdomyolysis.

Overweight individuals have as much as 18% greater heat production than underweight individuals, because metabolic heat is produced proportionately to surface area.

Shivering ceases below a body temperature of:
85-90 degrees

Sickle cell reaction relates to an abnormality of the structure of the red blood cell and causes an enlarged spleen, which, in some cases, has been known to rupture at high altitudes.

Sixty-five percent of the heat produced by the body is lost in cold weather by:

Smog is produced by the combination of nitrogen dioxide and stagnant air that is acted on by sunlight to produce a haze.

Solutions such as sports drinks are not any better for the athlete in replacing fluid loss than water.

Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas that reduces hemoglobin’s ability to transport oxygen and restricts the release of oxygen to the tissue.

The National Severe Storms Service recommends that 20 minutes should pass after the last sound of thunder is heard or lightening is seen before returning to play.

The purpose of a sling psychrometer is to measure:
Relative humidity

There is a need for fluid replacement only in a hot environment.

When a person’s temperature reaches 104° F, the chances of survival are decreased dramatically.

When a storm is near and a person’s hair stands on end, what should they do?
Drop to the ground and assume a crouched position

When the WBGT Index is 90 or above all outdoor training should be cancelled.

Which of the following conditions is caused by peripheral vasodilation of the superficial vessels, hypotension or a pooling of blood in the extremities, which results in dizziness, fainting, and nausea?
Heat syncope

Which of the following is the most effective means that the body has to dissipate heat, when the temperature and radiant heat of the environment are higher than the body temperature?

Which of the following responses would NOT be seen in a person just beginning to become acclimatized to high altitudes?
Conservation of glucose

Which of the following statements is not true regarding the measurement of rectal temperature:
The thermometer tip should be lubricated

With severe deep frostbite of an extremity, the water temperature useful for re-warming should be:
100-110 degrees

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