International Health and Health Systems

International Health and Health Systems

1.      Based on the comments in the introduction above, can you see both points of view or are you leaning towards one in particular? Explain your answer.

I am delighted that we are allowed to use other sources other than what is required. I believed that there is no such thing as a complete source. Sources provided in class as well as sources outside of class are equally relevant.

2.      Why is studying international health and different health systems important?

International health and health systems are important because it is plays a major role in maintaining a healthy society. It also raises social awareness to diseases. It prevents major disease outbreak by treating the infected early. It also improves the performance of health care in the society.

3. What do you think are the three most important topics in international health? Why?

The three most important international health topics are poverty, bioterrorism and containing new diseases. Poverty is link with public health. Third world countries are experiencing poor public health due to lack of support and medicine. Bioterrorism is also a very important international health. During the war in the Middle East, the Anthrax scare was one of the issues the health care systems. They were caught unprepared to handle Anthrax. Containing new diseases such as the Avian flu and SARS have been major health care issue. Public health care were on the watch for sources of major outbreak to prevent a massive spread of the disease.

4.  Is it more important for developing countries to study international health than for wealthy countries to do so? Explain your answer

I do not agree that developing countries should study international health more than wealthy countries. I believed that countries should equally study international health because it is beneficial. The misconception is that developing countries are more likely to be hit by a disease because of poverty. These diseases can also affect wealthy countries if they do not study about international health. AIDS started from a developing country but has made its way easily to wealthy countries.

5.  If you had the opportunity to complete the World Demographics and its Impact on Health questionnaire were you surprised by any of the answers? If so, which ones and why?

            I was not surprise at all by the World Demographics and its Impact on Health questionnaire, but if I had the opportunity to changed it. I would like to change it completely. I want the questions to be more specific and more realistic. I want to focus on more important issues.


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Health care system is generally aimed improving an individual’s health care. It comprises of institutions organizations and also resources devoted to producing actions (Frigo 2006).

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