Integumentary Med/surg

A nurse is bathing a client with burn injuries in a hydrotherapy tub. The nurse limits the client’s hydrotherapy sessions to no more than 30 minutes to
minimize sodium loss

A client is hospitalized with extensive full thickness burns of both legs. In response to the client’s questions, the nurse explains that during the acute phase of burn injury, biological dressings are used to
promote healing

A client with an undiagnosed lesion on the back of his right hand is concerned about the possibility of skin cancer, the nurse responds based on the knowledge that most malignant tumors are

When collecting data from a bedridden client admitted from home, the nurse notes a shallow crater in the epidermis of the client’s sacral area. The nurse documents the presence of a pressure ulcer, noting that it is a stage

To promote healing for a client with a large wound healing by secondary intention, the nurse recommends a diet high in protein and
vitamin C

A client is about to undergo a biopsy of a 6mm, bluish red lesion. In addition to a thorough skin examination, the nurse knows the most critical data to collect at this time should be the status of the client’s
regional lymph nodes

A client is brought to the emergency department with severe frost bite. The nurse knows the appearance of frost bitten tissue is a direct result of
red blood cell aggregation with microvascular occlusion

A client arrives at the emergency department with a snakebite of the lower left leg. What should the nurse do?
immobilize the limb below the level of the heart.

A client is prescribed 1% silver silvadene to be applied to her burn wounds twice daily. After 3 days of treatment, the nurse suspects an adverse reaction to the medication when the client develops

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The nurse is working on a surgical unit. Which surgical clients are most at risk for wound infection? 1.Wound from repair of a perforated appendix 2.Gunshot wound that punctured the small intestine 3.Traumatic wound to the abdomen and intentionally left …

The nurse is performing wound care on a client. Which task indicates surgical asepsis? Preparing sterile surgical instruments for the physician to debride the wound A nurse is caring for a 12-year-old child with a diagnosis of eczema. Which nursing …

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A client w/ Respiratory Failure who is receiving mechanical ventilation. Which assessment is the priority for the nurse to evaluate the effectiveness of the ventilation. ABG (When using the airway, breathing, circulation approach to client care, the nurse should place …

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