Inhalants and GHB

solvents, aerosols, gases

not active in the CNS, amylnitrite, butyl nitrite, cyclhexyl nitrite- increase blood flow, esp to sexual organs- associated with unsafe sexual practices, causes immune problems

inhaling fumes from containers

spray directly into your mouth

spray into bag and put around your mouth

soak a rag in meterial and put it in your mouth and breath it

the same as bagging but in a balloon

inhalant effects
slurred speech, uncoordination, euphoria, dizziness, light- headedness, delusions, vomitting

inhalant absorption
cross blood brain barrier easiley,quick

inhalant bioavailability
lipid soluble, goes everywhere in body

inhalant receptors
GABA and glycine- inhibatory amino acid transmitter

inhalant tolerance
very reinforcing, use it compulsively

inhalant dependence
place conditioning- toluene opens reward pathway

long term effects of inhalants
wightloss, muscle weakness, disorientation, inattentiveness, lack of cooradination, irritability, depression

sudden sniffing death
induce irregular heartbeat and really fast heart rate leaded to heart failure

inhalant death
asphyxiation, suffocation, coma, convulsions/siezures, choking, fatal injury

brain damage
myelin is made of lipids and it will dissolve myelin off the neurons, water retention in brain

parts of brain damaged
basal ganglia, cerebellum, pons, thalamus

cognitive deficits- short terms memory, recall functioning, conditioning learning, decision making

a depressant with a similar structure to GABA

GHB therapeutic uses
narcolepsy, calming, schedule one

body building with GHB
reduced body fat and increase muscle mass because of increase in GH secretion

GHB pharmacology
very much like alcohol, looks like an alc overdose but sometimes causes seizures

GHB receptor mechanisms
binding preferably to GABA-B
might have its own specific metabotropic receptor

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