Hunter Ed ch 8

4 areas hunters adresses when planning a hunt
Be ready
Kniw location
Prepare for saftey
Tell others

How to find out about location before hunt
Topographic map
Visit area in off season

Do what to prepare for a safe hunt?
Refresh memory of rules
Review with partner

Tell others what before u leave
Hunting plan
With who
Your return

3 condition that can affect u
Heart condition
Out of shape

What to do when hiking in unfamiliar terrain
Read compass frequently
Plot progress on map

Keys points to note as hiking in unfamiliar terrain
Stream crossing
High point on ridges

How much food in case u get lost
Enough to last several days

What do with compas and map before leaving camp
Orient yourself

When should u be back at camp
Before dark

Two additional items to take with u when leaving camp
Fire starting equipment
Foil blanket

What determines if getting lost is temporary or traumatic
How u respond to it in the early stages

What will help getting bearings if lost
Having a cool open head

How to increases chances to get found
Remain in one spot

3 survival priorities

Emergency international distress signal
3 of any signal

Best way to create signal seen from air
A big X

How many quarts do ppl need to survive

How many days can ppl last with out water
3 days

Best way to purify water

How long can ppl survive without food
2 weeks or more

What should u learn about before heading into remote place
What’s edible

What is hypothermia
When body looses heat faster than it can create it

What condition impacts performance

What cause ps hypothermia
Cold/ wet conditions

Hoe to prevent hypothermia
Dress properly
Avoid dangerous weather
Dry off quick

What provides quick energy and body heat
High cal foods

Symptoms for hypothermia
Uncontrolled shivering
Slow speech
Memory lost
Irrational behavior
Lack of movement

How to treat hypothermia
Remove clothes
Warm liquids
Use body heat

3 key symptoms of frostbite
Skin turns off white
Prickly/ tingling feeling
Pain disappears

Proper way to treat affected area
Body heat
No rubbing

Y avoid hot water when treating frostbite
Causes burns

What should frostbite victims drink
Hot liquids

What causes heat exhaustion
Hot/ humid conditions
No water

3 ways to prevent heat exhaustion
Drink lots of water
Take breaks from hiking
Dress in layers
She’d layers

Symptoms of heat exhaustion
Muscle cramps

How to treat heat exhaustion
Move to cool place
Drink water r

What to do if hunt will have strenuous activity
Get into shape

What conditions should u prepare for when getting clothing
The worst

How to dress for warm weather
Light clothing
Cover as much skin

3 layers of clothing for cold weather
Vapor transmission layer
Installation layer
Protective outer layer

Most important clothing choice
Florissant orange

Why wear hat in cold
Retains body heat

Material with best installation

Where should u carry a compass and topo. graph
Remote/ unfamiliar areas

What do topo maps reveal about land

What are the contour lines on map
Elevation of ground

5 features on a good compass
Clear base plate- can see map underneath
Straight sides
Liquid filled needle
Base plate arrow
Orienting arrow

What is declination
Diff between true north and magnetic north

How to compensate for declination
Center north arrow on north/ south line on map
Check to see where magnetic north is
Turn dial to check degrees on map so north is on magnetic north
Turn Brady till needle is on north

How dangerous is heat stroke
Can be fatal

Symptoms of heat stroke
Flushed skin
Dilated pupils
Weak pulse
Shallow breathing
High temperature

How to treat heat stroke victim
Wrap in soaked sheets
Go to hospital

What course will help a Hunter twhat to do in case of ingury
First aid

First step to stop bleeding
Pressure to womb

What to do if womb on limb but no fracture
Rise limb over heart level

What to do if keep bleeding after applied pressure and elevated limb
Shut off circulation

What to do before moving victim with broken bone
Immobilize joints

Hoe to split broken limb
The way u found it

How to stablize broken foot
Don’t take off shoe
Tie thick padding around shoe

How to splint leg
Thick padding between legs
Bind legs to uninsured leg
Bind legs together

How to treat first and second degree burn with no blister
With cold water

What to avoid using on burns
Greasy ointment

How to treat second or third degree burn with open blister
Wrap with loose, dry dressing

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning
Head ache

First thing to do when treating chest womb
Use palm to cover womb until have bandage

How to transport someone with sachet womb
Injured side down

What materials to use when sealing chest womb

Symptoms of shock
Rapid pulse
Shallow breathing

How to treat shock
Lie on back
Raise head
Maintain bday heat
Calm/ comfortable

Best way to respond to a poisonous snake bite
Rush hospital

Y avoid removing poison
Make more harm

What position should a snake bit victim be in

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