Human mind

The human mind is perhaps the best creation of nature. Mind refers to collective aspects of intellect, and consciousness which are manifest in some combination of thought, perception, emotion, will and imagination. The question of which human activities make up the mind is also much debated. Some argue that only the higher intellectual functions constitute mind, particularly reason and memory. In this view, emotions, love, hate, fear and joy are more primitive in nature and should be seen as different in nature or origin

to the mind. Others argue that a rational and emotional sides of human cannot be separated, that they are of the same nature and origin and they should be considered as part of the individual mind. Belief patterns stem from intimately related mind phenomenon emanating from thought, memory and emotions processes within a complex physical structure – the human brain. At birth, the brain almost does not exist. Brain growth during childhood depends on environmental exposure to parents and schools.

Thoughts are cerebral perceptions of external and internal sensory events, from which imaginary abstract ideas associated with memories of these events can be created. Beliefs arise from diverse spiritual exposure, or verifiable thought patterns, and both have profound effect on individual and group behavior. A fundamental cognitive understanding of thought processes has become a focus of study related to excitations in certain physical parts of the brain, which may explain the ‘scientific’ essence of mind phenomena. ( mind).

While the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the functions of mind are still not completely understood, ways and means have been developed to help a person remain ‘normal’ irrespective of the state of his circumstances. It teaches how one can control the mind and its functions like emotions, joy, and thoughts. This method is ‘meditation’. It is a mix of intentional and non-intentional mental process that can be correlated with the natural rhythm of breathing environmental nutrients, essential to life.

The prime intent of meditation is to remove discomforting mindsets by intentionally creating relaxed state of awareness. First, the annoying mindsets are eliminated by concentrating on rhythmic breathing. Then one can shift to simple observing one’s own natural breath. This creates a state of relaxed awareness. (meditative control of thought and memory).

Meditation is a proven method to control the mind. Such a control is always necessary when negative values and emotions start gaining importance in ones thought process. For example one may be so depressed by the death of his beloved that he becomes inefficient at his regular work and is rendered jobless. A uncontrolled lust for sexual mating, may lead to an uncontrolled sexual activity with many. Sentiments in the first case and wishes in the second case can be very well controlled with meditation. Perhaps, it is the only remedy to control the total thought processes.

Meditation does not only eliminate unwanted mindsets but is also very helpful in alleviating the mental abilities. There are ample of such examples where amazing results are achieved through meditation. What scientific advances cannot do or explain, spiritualism has not only done it and explained it, but demonstrated it through ages !!!

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