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Word Meanings – Forearm: antebrachial Ear : otic Heal of foot: calcaneal Back of lower skull: cephalic Neck: cervical Front of the knee : patellar skin: dermis Cheek (inside): buccal Area behind the knee: popliteal Whats my structure? : Rough or Smooth: Endoplasmic reticulum Contains enzymes and breaks down harmful substances : Peroxisomes Houses the genetic code: nucleus Acts like a framework to supports cell : cytoskeleton area between anus and genital: perineal Tissues Types:

Covers and protects body surfaces, lines body cavities, moves substances into and out of the body : epithelium supports the body and its parts, etcc..:connective tissue produces movement : muscular system protects the body from foreign invaders, relatively far apart and separated by large quantities of nonliving matrix : connective -sis: diffusion of small solute particles but not larger… : dialysis movement of fluid and dissolved molecules into a cell trapping then in a section of plasma membrane .. : pinocytosis movement of proteins or other ..

Moving things out.. : exocytosis Final Jeopardy – Fluid: cerebrospinal fluid Planes & Directions: Along, or toward the vertebral … : dorsal.

toward the trunk: proximal toward the wall, away from internal structure: parietal opposite side of the body: ipsilateral Planes and sections: lengthwise plane running from front to back : saggital Kidneys are ___ to … : lateral lengthwise plane running from side to side: coronal Clinicians: fusion failure of the …. nasal septum :cleft lip autosomal recessive disorder.. : cystic fibroses Regions: Gallstones, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis : Hypochondriac Final Jeopardy: …. N/A Directions, Please: The navel is ____ to the chin ; inferior.

The heart is ____ to the breastbone ; posterior The heart is ____ to the arm ; medial Connective: Under skin, padding at various points ; fat (adipose) disks between vertebrae ; fibrocartilage in the blood vessels ; blood tendons, ligaments : dense fibrous Epithelial: lining of blood and lymphatic vessels ; simple squamous ducts of glands, lining of pharynx ; stratified cuboidal lining portions of male uretha, mucus membrane near anus ; stratified columnar lines urinary bladder ; transitional lines mouth, esophagus, vagina ; stratified squamous.

Skin Im in: pain, heat and cold .. ; sensation from microorganisms, from UV rays, from dehydration ; protection water, urea, ammonia, uric acid ; excretion destruction of microorganisms, interaction with immune system ; immunity Muscle: heat loss or retention ; temperature regulation in ducts of gland ; smooth muscle that attaches bone ; skeletal wall of heart; intercalated disks ; cardiac elongated narrow cells, no cross striations ; smooth muscle Final Jeopardy- Anatomy ; deals with regional, systemic and surface studies ; gross anatomy.

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