An approach to conditioning that attempts to bring about peak performance while reducing injuries and overtraining is defined as:

Which of the following describes the time when conditioning is dedicated to unstructured recreational activities and physical restoration?

A soccer player running ten 120 yd sprints in under 20 seconds each with a 1 minute walking recovery period between each sprint is an example of:
Interval training

Increasing the strenuousness of exercise to a consistently higher level through maximum or near-maximum stimulation is an application of what principle?

Hopping, bounding and depth jumps are forms of:
Plyometric exercises

Which strength training method changes the length of the muscle while the contraction is performed at a constant velocity?

The stretching method that uses an extreme stretch that is held for an extended period of time is which of the following?
Static stretch

All the following are examples of closed kinetic chain exercises except:
Seated knee extensions

It is believed that a proper warm-up will do all the following except:
Increase muscle soreness

The ability of a muscle group to exert force rapidly is called:
Muscular power

Vegetables, breads, cereals and pasta are all examples of what food group?
Complex Carbohydrates

The body’s most efficient source of energy is from what food group?

Individuals taking blood thinning medications should closely monitor their intake of foods containing which vitamin?
Vitamin K

What consideration should the pre-event meal do?
Take into consideration the digestibility of food

All of the following are a function of protein except for which of the following?
Their use as an energy source

What are the basic units that make up proteins?
Amino acids

What stimulant used in diet pills that can cause heart related issues?

What mineral is most abundant in the body and is necessary for bone formation?

Which of the following nutrients may prevent pre-mature aging, certain cancers, and heart disease?

Which of the following is NOT true of alcohol?
It is a good source for vitamins and minerals

Which of the following organizations is responsible for helmet certification standards?
National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment

n football, a face protector should have a minimum of how many bars?
Two bars

Which of the following is NOT a concern when setting the standards for protective equipment?
The color, look, and style

If you are an athlete, which of the following is a disadvantage of wearing contact lenses?
Eye irritation caused by dust getting under the lens

An intraoral mouth guard performs all of the following functions except which of the following?
Minimizing fractures to the upper jaw

Which of the following should be used to protect an athlete’s upper arm/shoulder from injury?
The deltoid cap attached to the shoulder pad

An effective sports bra holds the breasts to the chest to prevent which of the following?
Vertical and horizontal movement

Which of the following is NOT a component of an athletic shoe?
Arch Plate

Which type of shoe should be the most flexible at the ball of the foot and has a larger heel flare?

Which of the following braces can be utilized on an athlete who is suffering from a patellofemoral condition?

Which of the following is an incorrect type of heat loss by the body?

Which of the following is the most effective means for the body to dissipate heat when the temperature and radiant heat of the environment are higher than the body temperature?

What is the single most important step to avoid heat illness?
Be certain athletes are properly hydrated

What is the heat disorder that is caused by prolonged sweating, diarrhea, and inadequate replacement of body fluid losses?
Heat exhaustion

What condition is indicative of an absence of sweating with hot, flushed, dry skin?
Heat stroke

In giving emergency treatment for a heat stroke victim, what is the most important directive?
Lowering the body temperature with ice tub immersion and transporting the victim to the hospital via ambulanc

If you are out on the soccer practice field and you see lightning, what should you do?
Stop the activity and seek shelter

Which of the following conditions is caused by peripheral vasodilation of the superficial vessels, hypotension, or a pooling of blood in the extremities and results in dizziness, fainting and nausea?
Heat syncope

What is a psychrometer used to determine?
Heat Index

Which of the following definitions best describes the field of “sports medicine”?
Different Specialized areas related to performance and injury

Which of the following is not part of the sports medicine team?
School nurse

In the absence of a certified athletic trainer a coach must be able to do all of the following except:
Diagnose injuries

Of the professionals listed below, who has the ultimate responsibility for the total health care of the student-athlete?

The athletic trainer is most directly responsible for all phases of health care in an athletic environment except:
Medical diagnoses of injuries

Seeing that the protective equipment is of the highest quality, properly fitted, and maintained is the primary responsibility of the:
Equipment manager

The individual who is responsible for compiling medical histories and conducting physical examinations for each athlete is the:
Team physician

Which of the following individuals is NOT considered a fitness professional?
Athletic Trainer

Which of the following may be considered a health care provider?
Recreational therapist

Which of the following members of the sports medicine team should be consulted for problems and lesions on the skin?

Which of the following is considered the minimum square footage for an Athletic Healthcare Facility
1,000 square feet

OSHA stands for:
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Which of the following items are expendable supplies?
Tape, massage lotion & bandages

The primary purpose of a preseason health exam is to:
Identify whether an athlete is at risk before he/she participates

Which of the following is the most efficient method of performing a maturity assessment?
Secondary sexual characteristic assessment

The purpose of obtaining a personal information card on each athlete is to record:
Family and insurance information

Which of the following regulates how an athlete’s health information can be shared?
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Which of the following types of documentation should be used as a sign-in record for patients?
Treatment Log

If a patient touches his/her toes with straight knees, you would be testing for all of the following except
Muscle strength

Which of the following is TRUE regarding equipment?
Equipment is usually a permanent part of the athletic training room

The state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person is:

Failure to use ordinary or reasonable care is known as:

The court acknowledges that hazards are present in sports. This concept is called:
Assumption of risk

Which of the following best describes malfeasance (act of commission)?
A legal wrong that is committed when an individual performs an act that is not his/her legal duty

Which of the following is the average statute of limitations for negligence suits?
One to three years

Which of the following organizations is responsible for creating minimum safety standards for equipment?
National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment

The contract between an insurance company and an individual, in which the insurance company agrees to pay for medical costs, is called:
Medical insurance

A legal wrong that is committed against a person or property is known as:

Which type of insurance covers a coach if sued for negligence in a civil case?
Liability Insurance

In an attempt to control the cost of medical care a concept called _________ was developed, often requiring pre-approval for care.
Managed care

Which would not be considered an appropriate injury prevention strategy of the sports medicine team?
Prescribing daily vitamin supplementation for all athletes

Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the coach as part of the Sports Medicine Team?
Make decisions on returning athletes to practice and competition following an injury

Which of the following individuals assists athletes with coping mechanisms following an injury?
Sport Psychologist

The purpose of obtaining a personal information card on each athlete is to record:
Family and insurance information

Which of the following conditions does NOT indicate a possible medical disqualification from collision/contact sports?

Which of the following organizations allows the individual discounted health care, but only if they see a physician on the approved list?
Preferred Provider Organization

An athlete sprains his or her ankle during a soccer practice. If a trained individual fails to provide care for this athlete he or she can be held liable for such negligence

An individual who fails to provide acceptable care and causes harm to the athlete is considered negligent

Manufacturers of products do not have a duty to design and produce equipment that will not cause injury; it is the responsibility of the user to use it safely.

Due to the high cost of medical care, every athlete should have medical insurance policies to cover injury.

Because of the amount of litigation for alleged negligence, all professionals involved in sports programs should carry liability insurance

If an individual modifies a piece of protective equipment and an athlete sustains an injury, that individual can be held liable.

An athlete who has lost one of a paired organ should not have any participation restrictions in sports

An athlete’s medical information may be released to the athletic director, the team physician, and the player’s teammates.

It is important to have defined rules to maintain cleanliness and order in the athletic training room

Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a physician cannot legally disqualify athletes from competition.

The medical history should be completed as the final component to the pre-participation exam.

In 1995 the NATA recommended that all secondary schools provide the services of a full-time, on-site, certified athletic trainer to student athletes.

When assessing a potentially unconscious athlete, what is the first action that must be taken?
Determine the level of consciousness and unresponsiveness

When performing chest compressions on an adult, where does the rescuer place the heel of the hand?
One to two fingers above the lower end of the sternum

What is the first step to establish unresponsiveness of an athlete?
Gently tap his/her shoulder and ask, “Are you OK?”

When transporting an athlete with a suspected spinal or pelvic injury, what techniques should be used?
Use a spine board and move under medical direction

When carrying out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, what is the first step to ensure the athlete’s airway is open?
Properly position the athlete’s chin

If a light-colored athlete presented with red skin color, what is the likeable condition?
Heatstroke, high blood pressure, or elevated temperature

In an effort to accurately assess the extent of a musculoskeletal injury, what is the first step that should be taken?

What is a bloodborne pathogen?
A microorganism that can cause disease

Which of the following bodily fluids does not transmit HIV?

Which of the following is the least likely to cause HIV transmission?

If a uniform becomes saturated with blood, what is the proper action that should be taken for the athlete to continue participation?
The uniform should be changed immediately

Which of the following solution mixes would be the best to clean treatment tables in the athletic training room?
A 1:10 solution of bleach and water

What does the USOC recommend to protect athletes from disease transmission?
The athlete shower immediately after practice

Which type of wound is tetanus associated with?

Which of the following wounds results from the skin being torn from the body?

When does the rehabilitation process start?
Immediately after the injury has occurred

Which kind of strengthening exercises are used commonly in the early phase of rehabilitation?
Isometric exercises

Increasing static strength and decreasing atrophy can best be accomplished by using what method of exercise?
Isometric exercise

Exercises that utilize both concentric and eccentric contractions in which force is generated against resistance while the muscle is changing in length are called:
Progressive resistive exercises

Which of the following types of exercise is used to facilitate a muscle contraction through a quick stretch?
Plyometric exercise

What is the component of the rehabilitation program that involves a series of progressive activities designed to prepare an individual for return to a specific sport
Functional progression

Which of the following is used to determine an athlete’s ability to perform a specific activity?
Functional tests

Which of the following modalities can be used to modulate pain acutely?

Which of the following components of a rehabilitation program is most commonly neglected?
Cardiorespiratory fitness

Which of the following would be more appropriate as a neuromuscular control and balance test?
Dynadisc balance maneuver

Which of the following is a reaction to a chronic injury?

Which of the following is not a reactive phase?
Reaction to stress

Which of the following is a reaction to a career ending injury?
Loss of identity

Which of the following is a result of a negative stressor which can result in injury?
Loss of attentional focus

Which of the following occurs when an athlete feels an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness or loneliness?

What will a coach base the decision to return an athlete to participation?
The status of the athlete and game situation

An athlete demonstrating a vague fear, a sense of apprehension and restlessness is exhibiting symptoms of which of the following?

Which of the following is NOT a factor when setting goals for rehabilitation?
Give the athlete a specific date to return to activity.

The coach should take all of the following steps if he/she recognizes overtraining in an athlete except:
Increase the intensity of activities and lower the amount of work

Which of the following objective measures would NOT give information with regards to an athlete’s ability to return to activity after an ankle sprain?
Duck walks

To open the victim’s airway, lift up the chin or the neck, then force the chin down

When an injured person is not breathing, cardiac compressions should be started immediately.

The proper ratio of compressions to breaths for a single rescuer is 30 compressions to 2 ventilations

With a suspected neck fracture, open the airway by using a modified jaw thrust, keeping the victim’s head in a fixed neutral position

HBV is more likely to be spread than HIV because it is a heartier virus and can survive outside the body for longer periods of time.

When one is disposing a sharp object, it should be placed into a puncture resistant, leak proof, labeled container.

An athlete’s physician makes the final decision as to whether he/she can return to full competition and practice.

The single most neglected part of every rehabilitation program is balance training.

The body language of the coach or support staff is important when an athlete is trying to express their apprehension about an injury.

The coach must have appropriate counseling skills to confront an athlete’s fears, frustrations, and daily crises and to handle all serious emotional problems

What is the main shaft of the bone known as?

Which of the following fractures is caused by axial compression, bending, and torsion?
Oblique fracture

Which of the following fractures is characterized by a bone fragment that has been pulled away from the bone?
Avulsion fracture

Which of the following mechanisms causes a transverse fracture?

Which of the following complications is a result of repeated blows to the same area?
Myositis ossificans

Which of the following conditions occurs 12 hours after injury and is most intense after 24 to 48 hours?

Which of the following is the key to treating tendonitis?
Resting the injured area by eliminating the irritating activity

What type of fracture is characterized by an incomplete break in a bone that has not completely ossified?
Greenstick fracture

What is the medical term for Athlete’s foot?
Tinea pedis

Which of the following is NOT a fungal infection?

What season are sport teams highly recommended to have their athletes get an influenza vaccine?

Flu generally has an incubation period of time length?
48 hours

An acute seasonal allergic condition that results from airborne pollens is known as what?
Hay fever

Hay fever may be relieved by what intervention?

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of a diabetic coma
Moist, cool, and pale skin

The syndrome identified by cramps, nausea, lower abdominal pain, and headache during menstruation is called what?

In teens, the excessive use of anabolic steroids will cause all of the following except which side effect?
Decreased male mammary glands

Smokeless tobacco can cause all of the following except for which side effect?
Decreased reaction time

What type of drugs keep your hand steady, decrease your heart rate, and keep nervousness to a minimum?
Beta blockers

Which of the following drugs is NOT considered a stimulant?
Beta blockers

Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with blood related doping?
Vein collapse

Which of the following is the number one abused drug in the United States?

Which of the following is NOT a reversible effect of anabolic steroids on females?
Voice deepening

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