Homeostasis: Burn Victim

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You are working in a hospital and you are instructed to care for a burn victim. Answer the following questions related to their wounds. A first degree burn only injures the epidermis, a second degree burn has extended through the dermis, and a third degree burn extends as far down as the hypodermis. Use this information to answer the questions by considering where the burn is and what happens in that skin layer. Why does a first or second degree burn hurt more than a third degree burn? Third degree burn affects the nerves where one might not feel as much pain as a first or second degree burn.

Which of the three types of burns will heal the fastest and why? A first degree burn will heal the fastest because the epidermis is only affected. Areas affected by second degree burns can heal almost completely, but often have a slight discoloration, which is enhanced by sunlight. Why might this be? The ultra violent rays of the sun overtime can affect the skin and cause discoloration. If your victim has extensive second degree burns, these body functions would be affected. Explain why they would be affected and how.

Hydration The heat can cause someone to become dehydrated . Temperature Control High amounts of heat can cause the body to become overheated and harder to control a stable temperature Infections Second degree burns is like a wound and someone can be more prone to bacteria entering the body and causing infection. Vitamin D Homeostasis (application-5) Think of three basic body functions that are controlled by negative feedback and homeostasis. In your own words, what is the basic function of these things: Sensor: Control Center: Effector:

Controlled Variable| What happens when this variable is too high to bring it down? | What happens when this variable is too low to bring it up? | Temperature| Hydrate the body to bring it down| Try to keep warm or enter a warmer climate. | Oxygen level| Long deep breaths to regulate the respiratory system. | Run in place and fast speed to the heart pumping. | Blood sugar| Eat a gluten free diet. | Eat something containing sugar example Orange or Banana. | Blood pressure| Stay relaxed and stress free. | | What kind of feedback is related to blood clotting and why is this so?

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