The use of infection prevention and control measures to protect against possible exposure to infectious agents is called
standard precautions

Proper handwashing has been identified by the CDC as one of the single most important methods for preventing the spread of infection.

An infection defined as occurring in a patient in a hospital or healthcare setting in whom it was not present or incubating at the time of the admission is
healthcare associated infection

An infection that was present in the patient before he or she was admitted to the facility is called
community acquired infection

Occurrences involving liability for injury or propery loss are called
potentially compensable events

Risk management only involves the process of working through a malpractice suit

The risk manager’s principal tool for capturing the facts about potentially compensable events is the
occurrence report

Events that occur in a healthcare organization that do not necessarily affect an outcome, but if it was to recur, carry significant change of being a serious adverse event is called

A person who represents the rights and interests of another individual as though they were the person’s own is refered to as a patient

Analysis of a sentinel event from all aspects to identify how each controibted to the occurrence of the event and to develop new systems that will prevent recurrence is called
root-cause analysis

In risk management terminology, an exposure to the chance of injury or financial loss and their associated liability is

A patient injury resulting from a medication, either because of a pharmacological reaction to a normal dose, or because of a preventable adverse reaction to a drug resulting from an error is called
adverse drug event

The list of drugs approved for use in the healthcare organization is generall referred to as the

A Joint Commission accredited organization must review their formulary annually to ensure a medication’s continued
efficacy and safety

The five rights of medication administration include: right patient, right drug, right dose, right route and right time

Once a patent for a brand drug expires, other manufacturers may copy the drug and releaseit under its pharmaceutical or
generic name

Inappropriate dose, non-formularly agent, meidcation errors to transfer are all examples of this type of medication error

Inappropriate timing of dose, transcription errors, missed doses, extra doses given are all examples of this type of medication error

This plan demonstrates the master planning and outlines the design of the safety function for the organizatin
safety management plan

This program is designed to manage the physical and personal safeguard of the patients served, staff and individuals coming to the organization
security management

These documents give detailed information about a material, including any hazards associated with the material
material safety data sheets

This analysis assists a healthcare organization to dtermine the types of disasters that they may face
hazard vulnerability

This acronym is used to train healthcare staff the proper methods for fire responses

This program provides safe and reliable equipment to patients, train care providers in the safe and effective use of the equipment, and ensure that the equipment is maintained by qualified individuals.
medical equipment management

This program is designed to ensure that electricity, water, sewer, natural gas systems throughout the environment of care are planned and maintained safely and comfortable, that they are delivered without interruption, and mechanical systems operate safely.
utilities management

This acronym is used to train healthcare staff on the proper steps to use a fire extinguisher

How often are healthcare facilities required to practice their emergency preparedness plan?

This status is conferred by a national professional organization that is dedicated to a specific area of healthcare practice

This status is conferred by a state regulatory agency giving an individual permission to practice their trade

When a physician is appointed to the medical staff of a healthcare organization, their scope of practice is determined by
clinical privileges

The change phase that is characterized by confusion and creativity is called

The change phase that is characterized by grief and letting go is called

The change phase that is characterized by acceptance and hope for the future is called

Identify the four basic elements that must be proven in a malpractice case
Duty of use due care
Breach of Duty

The process for ensuring qualifacations for medical staff members in healthcare organizations is known as peer review

Peer review and performance improvement discussions, deliberations, records and proceedings of the medical staff committees are considered “discoverable” in a court

safety event an unexpected,adverse event or potential (near miss) adverse event involving a patient, visitor, or staff *important to report an event whether or not harm resulted safety event reporting system events are documented, analyzed, tracked, and trended through a …

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What is a medication error? Any preventable adverse drug events involving inappropriate medication use by a patient or health care professional; they may or may not cause the patient harm. What is an adverse drug event? Any undesirable occurrence related …

Patient Safety plays a major component in providing a safe and accurate care. And (JCAHO) Joint Commission and Accreditation on Healthcare Organization plays a significant role on quality, safety and improvements. The accuracy and safety of the patient is at …

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