What was the goal of US isolationists after WW1?
To stay out of European affairs

what event marked the beginning of the Great Depression?
The stock marked and economy collapsed

What are three things that increased during the Great Depression?

The New Deal involved attempts to stimulate the American economy by doing what?
Creating more government jobs

Which German political party sought to overturn the Treaty of Versilles and combat communism?

After World War 1, most European nations had what type of government, if only temporarily?
Coalition Governments

What effect did the Dawes Plan have on the economy of postwar Germany?
It slowed down inflation rates and stabilized the currency

What effect did the nonaggression pact between Nazis and Soviets have on the balance of power in Europe?
They out did the rest of the world powerwise

What caused Germans to start taking Adolf Hitler and his message seriously?
They were desperate for stability and Hitler provided them with that

Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
To gain resources

What does Fascism stress?
Loyalty to the leader, state and military

What is the policy of appeasement?
Giving in to an aggressor to keep the peace

Why did coalition governments usually prove unstable?
multi-parties disagreed on many things and the countries didn’t have much experience with democracy

What was the major cause of the collapse of the stock market?
The prices of the stocks were more than they were worth

The Munich Conference came to symbolize the dangers of what?

What important role in Winston Churchill play during this period?
He was very against appeasement

Why did millions of Germans turn against the leaders of the Weimar Republic?
They blamed them for World War 1

Why did Hitler target the Jewish population as scapegoats for all of Germany’s troubles?
It was a key role in being a Nazi

Who was the leader of the Third Reich?

The title of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf in English means….?
My struggle

Who was part of the Axis Powers?
Germany, Italy, and Japan

During the global depression, war debts caused great suffering in what country?

Nazism was the German form of…..?

Who signed a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1939?

Hitler’s main method of achieving lebensraum was to….?
Gain land by invading other countries

What did the German and Italian people fear that added to the appeal of fascism in their countries?
The revolution of workers and fear of communists

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