History Chpt 3

1. Which country was punished most harshly for its involvement in World War I?
Germany was most harshly punished.

2. Following the war, what new art movements emerged?
Abstract, cubism, and surrealism.

3. What was the new group of post-war writers called?
The new group of post-war writers were called the Dada.

4. What was one reason that the Weimar Republic failed?
An impact of the failure of the Weimar Republic were the lasting effects of the Great Depression.

5. In the Weimar Republic, what was the name of the leader? (Hint: the US has a president)
The Reichsprasident was the leader of the Weimar Republic but is commonly known as the President of Germany.

6. How were fascism and communism similar?
Fascism and communism both have powerful individual leaders with full government power, both glorify the military, both have secret police, and both give no individual rights.

7. How are fascism and communism different?
Communism is classless while Fascism is not, communism is often brought out by revolution while fascism is through election, and communism, unlike fascism, has a socialist economy.

8. After WWI, which nation emerged as the world’s leading economic power?
After WWI, the US emerged as the world’s strongest economic power.

9. What happened in the US to cause its economy to crash?
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused the US’ economy to crash.

10. Which group created jazz music?
Jazz music was created by the African Americans.

11. What type of a leader was Mussolini?
Mussolini was a fascist dictator.

12. What did Mussolini and the Fascists believe?
Mussolini and the fascists believed that they were one of the, if not the most dominant military powers at the break of WWII. They also believed in strict fascist practices such as a power individual leader and no individual rights.

13. Why did many Italians support the Fascist party?
The Italians supported the Fascist party party out of desperation after the horrible collapse during the Great Depression. Mussolini’s promises seemed appealing such as a new economy and effective industrialization.

14. Who built the first Fascist State?
Mussolini created the first Fascist state.

15. What was most important to the Fascists…the individual or the State?
The state.

16. What methods did Hitler use to control the German people?
The Germans controlled mass media, were obsessed with crime and punishment, used terror and control through the SS, and influence at a young age (The Hitler Youth).

17. What methods did Hitler use to get the children to follow him?
Hitler encouraged youth to join the Hitler Youth, a strict military regiment that was advertised through false propaganda and exaggerated effects.

1. Maginot Line
A line of defense built before WWII.

2. Great Depression
A long recession in the economy and market.

3. Totalitarian State
A political system in which the state holds complete authority over all aspects of public and private life

4. March on Rome
A march lead by Mussolini that installed him as dictator of France.

5. Black Shirts
A member of the fascist organization, popularly with the Italian Fascist regiment. Commonly associated with a black shirt as their uniform.

6. Gestapo
The official secret police of the Nazi party

7. Third Reich
The name given to the German regime under the Nazi party

8. Inflation
An increase in prices and the decrease of the value of money

9. Weimar Republic
The German republic that was ended by the election of Hitler

10. Mein Kampf
Hitler’s autobiography the set forth his political views. Translated to mean “My Struggle”

11. Lebensraum
An area under control by Nazi Germany that is thought to be necessary for survival.

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