History Chapter 24

Hitler’s birthplace

National Socialist German Workers’ Party

Mein Kampf
Hitlers’ philosophical work

Hitler’s right of superior nations to “living space”

Enabling Act
legislation that gave Hitler supreme power

Hitler inaccurately associated the concept of an Aryan race with all of the following groups EXCEPT

Hitler ended Germany’s economic woes, unemployment, and the depression by
public works projects and a rearmament programs

The Kristallnacht, which happened on November 9,1983, was
a destructive rampage against German Jews led by Nazis

Hitler’s goal was to create a
Third Reich, or German Empire

Hitler’s political theories were based on all of the following EXCEPT

Totalitarian state
government that aims to rule by broad control

philosophy that values the state over the individual

New economic policy
Lenin’s scheme to replace war communism

Leading policy-making committee in the USSR

elimination of private farms by stalin

Parliamentary systems failed in most eastern European states, in part, because
these states had little democratic tradition

Fanco’s military regime in Spain was supported by
Germany and Italy

Stalin’s Five Year Plans were intended to transform Russia into
an industrial society

Lenin intended his economic policies to
allow the economy to re-build itself

Mussolini’s regime compromised with
Italy’s traditional institutions

general rise in prices and pay rates

period of low economic activity and high unemployment

Collective Bargaining
right of unions to negotiate with employees

the result of a government spending more than it takes in

Active government
nature of Roosevelt’s New Deal

The League of Nations was less than effective for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
President Wilson did not support the idea

The Great Depression was caused primarily by
economic downturn and the U.S. stock market crash

The Weimar Republic was hurt by all of the following EXCEPT
too much spending on the german military

The economist John Maynard Keynes argued that
unemployment came from decline in demand for goods and services

The French New Deal program started by France’s Popular Front
failed to solve the depression in France

The French New Deal gave workers the right to Use collective bargaining The purpose of Stalin’s Five-Year Plans was to Transform the USSR from and agricultural into and industrial economy WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC …

What was the goal of US isolationists after WW1? To stay out of European affairs what event marked the beginning of the Great Depression? The stock marked and economy collapsed WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC …

What legacy did World War I leave behind? anger and resentment especially in Germany How did Stalin and Mussolini maintain their power? Stalin killed or terrorized his enemies, Mussolini used censorship and fear tactics to keep his people in line …

The Great Depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of: a) Keynesian economics. b) liberalism. c) unregulated capitalism. d) fascism. e) communism. The New Deal failed to generate: a) Hope. b) Sustained prosperity. c) Jobs. d) Social security. …

How did the Great Depression eventually change Germany politically? Germans eventually believed that Hitler would solve their economic problems Which of the following actions did Japan take in an attempt to recover from the Great Depression? Japan seized control of …

The term “lost generation” was coined by Gertrude Stein The writer whose Decline of the West proposed that European society had entered the final stage of its existence was Oswald Spengler WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY …

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