history chapter 13 checkpoint

how did FDRs background and artions help build confifence among the American people?
he had high eductions, strong self-confidence, he thought the frederal government should help people.

what action did Roosevelt take during his first hundred days in office?
Push 15 bills congress which immediately give American relief.

what were the two major criticisms of FDR new deal economic policies?
1, make gover. too power and threaded free enterprise
2,helping the rich people but not poor.

why did the onset of the depression make it essential to have some from of social security?
no pension system, old people lost their home and property.

how did the new deal affect the unions?
created and strength the labor union, collective bargaining

what setback did Roosevelt face during his second term as President?
Supreme Court thought he was doing something unconditional, and this made him look bad, so he spend court to help himself.

what impact did the New Deal have on women?
impact was mixed; some woman like France Perkin, she was working in the NY State govern. some programs did not allow women like CCC.

how did the New Deal affect AA?
some AA were still not all equal like WPC pay AA less than the regular.

In what ways did the new deal after the US policies toward Native American?
Indian reorganization Act in 1934 restore more land to American. Stop NA keep their own culture.

how did New Deal policies affect ethic and social division?
some new deal discreased ethic divisions immigrants fell move mainstreamed.

in what ways did the role of the federal govern. grow during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency?
took responsibility for restore the economy and caring the welfare, elderly, poor and children.

what were some of the the most important popular culture trends of the 1930s?
movies escapes themes , radio like the lone rangers and blue music

in what ways did the new deal support American arts?
Federal art project hired writers, actors, artists to perform , work for money

describes the most notable works of the literature of 1930s.
superhero: superman; The Grapes of Wrath; Native son

what economic problems lurked beneath the general prosperity of the 1920s? agricultural overproduction, uneven distribution of wealth, underconsumption, and growing credit what happened on October 29, 1929? more than 16 million shares were sold as the stock market crashed. This …

How did Franklin Roosevelts background and actions help build confidence among the american people? he had self confidence because of his educated background. he believed that federal government should/could help people what actions did FDR take during the first hundred …

What happened to America when it returned to a peacetime economy? a 20 percent unemployment rate, the highest to date. How would you characterize the harding administration? scandals that touched many members of his administration. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM …

The Great Depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of: a) Keynesian economics. b) liberalism. c) unregulated capitalism. d) fascism. e) communism. The New Deal failed to generate: a) Hope. b) Sustained prosperity. c) Jobs. d) Social security. …

which of the following is accurate regarding eleanor roosevelt’s relationship with the public She often had better approval ratings than her husband Huey long’s share our wealth plan would have limited the incomes and investments of the wealthy and guaranteed …

What legacy did World War I leave behind? anger and resentment especially in Germany How did Stalin and Mussolini maintain their power? Stalin killed or terrorized his enemies, Mussolini used censorship and fear tactics to keep his people in line …

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