History Chapter 12&13 Checkpoints

what economic problems lurked beneath the general prosperity of the 1920s?
agricultural overproduction, uneven distribution of wealth, underconsumption, and growing credit

what happened on October 29, 1929?
more than 16 million shares were sold as the stock market crashed. This signaled the great depression

how did the stock market crash contribute to the onset of the depression?
it sparked a chain of events that quickened the collapse of the American economy

what were the primary causes of the Great Depression?
problems in consumption contributed heavily to it. economic hardships before 1929 in Europe did contribute to it also. when those things combined with poor or misinformed economic decisions by Congress and President Hoover the great depression resulted

how did the great depression affect American cities in the early 1930s?
widespread unemployment lead to poverty which led to homelessness. Hooverville’s were created in the city in vacant lots or on public land and homeless people were to live in them

how did the dust bowl make life even more difficult for farmers on the Great Plains?
they had already lost their farms and now they had to pack up and leave

how did the depression take a toll on women, children, and minorities in America?
wives and children experienced the pain of their husbands and fathers. some children would feel as if they were a burden to their family and runaway. minorities still faced racism.

why was Hoover reluctant to have the federal government interfere with the economy?
he felt that people and businesses could find solutions faster if the government did not help.

what actions did Herbert Hoover take to fight the effects of the depression?
he urged Congress to create the RFC. he also called for the construction of the Boulder dam which brought employment

why did Hoover order the removal of the bonus army from its camps?
he was afraid violence was going to arrupt

how did FDR’s background and actions help build confidence among the American people?
he had self-confidence. he believed that the federal government should and could help the American people.

what actions did Roosevelt take during his first hundred days in office?
he passed 15 new deal bills which gave Americans relief. He also established the FDIC and the SEC

what were the two major criticisms of FDR’s new deal economic policies?
that he made the government too powerful and that overly consumed businesses didn’t help the poor

why did the onset of the depression make it a essential to have some form of social security?
there was no pension system for the elderly so they lost their homes and went into poverty

how did the new deal affect trade unions?
The new deal created new laws that strengthen the labor union and allowed for collective-bargaining

what setbacks did Roosevelt face during his second term as president?
The Supreme Court ruled that some loans were unconstitutional so he wanted to expand the court which made the American people mad. then he cut back on federal spending which was a mistake and he lost democratic seats in Congress

what impact did the new deal have on women?
The impact had different effects for different women. some women advanced by being able to increase their political influence and promote or women’s rights. Others, still were upset because they were not eligible to work for the CCC

how did the new deal affect African-Americans?
it did not fix racism issues within the United States. examples, white farmers got paid more than black farmers and not passing a anti-lynching law

in what ways did the new deal alter the US policies toward Native Americans?
The Indian reorganization act of 1934 was passed by Congress to restore tribal control over their land.

how did new deal policies affect ethnic and social division?
ethnic and social programs decreased because the programs brought the people working together which cut back on prejudice

in what ways did the role of the federal government grow during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency?
it was the first time that the federal government has taking complete control to recover and restore the economy and also taking control for caring for the elderly and poor and for the children

what were some of the most important popular cultural trends of the 1930s?
movies that featured escapism ideas, radios, comedies, swing, blues and folk music

in what ways did the new deal support American arts?
The WPA provided artist with work. Programs such as the federal art project, the federal writers project, and the federal theater project. Also as FSA gave jobs to photographers who captured these moments

describe the most notable works of literature of the 1930s
John Steinbeck’s the grapes of wrath where he talks about a family on their journey to California after I dustbowl catastrophe. But instead of finding hope they find hunger and hopelessness. Also Lillian Hellman wrote about strong roles featuring women(The children’s hour or The Little Foxes). Richard Wright-(Native Son) wrote about racial discrimination. Superman was also a success during this time and reassured Americans that they could overcome evil.

How did Franklin Roosevelts background and actions help build confidence among the american people? he had self confidence because of his educated background. he believed that federal government should/could help people what actions did FDR take during the first hundred …

What economic problems lurked beneath the general prosperity of the 1920s Agricultural over production uneven wealth distribution underconsumption growing credit burden What happened on October 29, 1929 The stock market crashed WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY …

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how did FDRs background and artions help build confifence among the American people? he had high eductions, strong self-confidence, he thought the frederal government should help people. what action did Roosevelt take during his first hundred days in office? Push …

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