HIST Quiz 4 Ch.22-23

Was NOT a true statement about the Communist Party in America, during the 1930s
it organized the Bonus March in Washington

By the time the stock market crash had reached the bottom in 1932, stocks had
last almost 90% of their original value

In 1935, Supreme Court invalidated the NIRA grounds that it gave unconstitutionally broad powers to local and state governments

Which agency put millions of men to work building roads and creating national parks
civilian conservation corps

Federal Emergency Relief Administration, administrator Harry Hopkins, believed that public works projects were superior to direct payments to the public, because payments wounded the pride of the recipients

Intellectuals in America tended to place the blame for the Depression on
unbridled competition among wealthy individuals that sacrificed the good of society for selfish gains

Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Raised tariffs on foreign imports and proved disastrous as nations could not repay World War I debts and retaliated with high tariffs on U.S. imports to their countries

Hoover’s only significant attempt to address the economic crisis was to
provide basic food commodities to unemployed individuals

the photographers commissioned from Dorthea Leange, Ben Shahn and others documented
America’s economic inequality and the struggles of those grappling with the depression

Roosevelt’s, “Brain Trust” was drawn exclusively from a group of trusted with Anglo-Saxon protestant friends of the president

Glass-Steagall Act created the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

By 1932, there was an estimated 250,000 homeless children in the economy

Just under 1.5 million southerners, most of them African Americans, left the segregated South during World War II, despite the fact that jobs were available in southern defense industries

Battle of the Bugle was Germany’s last desperate attempt to capture Allied strongholds in Belgium and win the war

In Munich Agreement 1938 the leaders of Britain and France
permitted Hitler to occupy strategic areas of Czechoslovakia, in hope that he would stop there

How did the war change the landscape at home in the U.S.
all of these choices

Similar to a militant and extreme version of the new deal, the deficit spending by Hitler’s Nazi government during the 1930s, including a massive German arms buildup which put many Germans to work, helped pull Germany out of its economic depression by 1936

Several American companies, still in business today, stopped producing consumer goods (ex: cars, tires) and began to manufacture military equipment and material (ex: jeeps, tanks, ammunition) under lucrative governments contracts

Lend Lease Act, passed mainly for the benefit of Great Britain, empowered the president to
lend weapons and supplies to all nations fighting either Germans or the Japanese

Japans first major action in the pacific took place when its military invaded
Manchuria in China

Aggressive act that Hitler committed in Europe of 1936
Hitler occupied the Rhineland

did NOT happen at Potsdam
Poland was given an outlet to the sea and had its prewar territorial integrity and political independent fully restored and protected

From the spring of 1940 until the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Roosevelt and the U.S. government
organized the manufacturing, transfer, and transportation of war materials and American defense bases to assist Great Britain and prepare for likely was against Nazi Germany

Take of the War Relocation Authority was to
oversee the forced interment of Japanese-Americans, including American citizens, in various camps in California and American southwest

Operation Overload, official name for the D-Day landing in Normandy, involved ____ Allied soldiers
1 million

Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, GI Bill, provided
all of these choices

In return for an opening of a second front against Nazi Germany in the west in the summer of 1944, Stalin promised at the Tehran
to open a front against Japan once Germany had been defeated

Roughly 90% of American favored isolationism despite the situation in Europe for all the following reasons EXCEPT
Americans did not want to bear the vast war, which they had feared would only deepen the Depression

Japan deiced to bomb Americans naval fleet Pearl Harbor because
they hoped to handicap the U.S. navy, giving Japan time to achieve its consequences before the U.S. could rebuild and strike back

May 1940, Winston Churchill
became Britain’s Prime Minister and wrote to FDR

“Double V” campaign was a commitment made by African American military personnel fighting in war, they would achieve victory abroad and then come home to work for victory over discrimination against African Americans in their own country

In 1940, the U.S. experienced its first
peacetime draft

The task of the War Relocation Authority was to
oversee the forced interment of Japanese-Americans, including American citizens, in various camps in California and the American southwest

one of the most iconic films of the Depression/New Deal ere was, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

All true statements about Roosevelt’s attempts to “pack the court” EXCEPT
Roosevelt’s enemies in congress were quick to vote the court plan in hopes to discrediting the president

all true about the radio during the Great Depression, EXCEPT
it contributed to the growth of political right

Woody Guthrie’s song, “This Land is Your Land,” is about the suffering of American’s farmers during the Depression

New Immigrants and Catholics were two of the few groups who did not feel comfortable which the programs of the
new Deal and they moved into the ranks of the republican party

Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933
established federal control over banks and rescued those in trouble with government loans

Hollywood during the 1930s
took gentle jobs at the elites, while reassuring audiences that the American “Rags-to-Riches” dream was alive and well

Leftist critic, Edmund Wilson, called the stock market “that stupid gigantic fraud”

Second New Deal
helping the working and middle classes with job programs and new systems for addressing workers grievances

reasons for the depth and length of the Great Depression, EXCEPT
high taxes on Americans

The day after his inauguration, FDR called congress into a special session and d
declared a four-day national bank holiday so that he could begin examining the soundness of ever bank in america

Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima and later Nagasaki because
Japan did not respond to an Allied ultimatum to end war or face destruction

event that made Hoover seem Heartless, probably causing him votes in 1932 election
his order to remove world war I veterans who protested in Washington for early payment of bonuses

The disruptive effects of the Dust Bowl on residents included
all of these choices

was NOT one of Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms
Freedom of assembly

Agency’s job to set wages, working conditions and hours, as well as to try to prevent strikes
national war labor board

By September 1944, the countries of France, Britain and Luxembourg had been liberated from the Germans and by late 1944 allied troops crossed the border into Germany

Is most accurate statement about rural Americans during the Great Depression
Depression simply exacerbated a decade long problem of overproduction and lower revenues

Hitler’s and Stalin’s nonaggression pact involved which country

Which event set the stage of American involvement in the war
all of these choices

Hoover’s initial reaction to the Depression was to promote voluntary cooperation among businesses and labor interests to stabilize troubled industries, but this approach was simply inefficient to address the massive unemployment and poverty facing millions of Americans

Tennessee Valley Authority main goal
creating electrical power for rural residents and improving river navigation

Passed in 1935, the Wagner Act
strengthened the position of unions and established a government agency to oversee industrial compliance

American troops fought their first battles of the war in 1942 in the pacific, where they were soundly defeated in each one

Stalin enthusiastically agreed to the four policemen approach to securing the postwar peace because
he thought it was Roosevelt’s way of promising that governments friendly to Soviet interests would be installed in Eastern Europe

Woman participated in the U.S. World War I effort by
all of these choices

When Franklin Roosevelt came into the presidency, he sought to mend relations with the countries of Latin America using
the “good neighbor” policy

As the “last hired, first fired,” how did African Americans attempt to survive the Great Depression
they relied on a network of community organizations and business to provide meals and other assistance

which New Deal agency established fair trade rules and urged companies and workers to agree on prices and wages-all under a blue eagle logo and the “We Do Our Part”
National Recovery Administration

The Social Security Act (1935) would
be a safety net against poverty who couldn’t support themselves- the elderly, the unemployed and single mothers

June 1942, American forces halted Japan’s advance at the battle of

Not a true statement about the effect of the New Deal
there were fewer strikes now that workers could negotiate with employers

market-shift towns put together by the homeless during the Depression, were called

Under Agriculture Adjustment Act, farmers
received cash subsidies to grow fewer crops

“Double V” refers to
African American efforts to win the war overseas and end discrimination at hone

Historian regard the Depression as the greatest factor in causing World War II because
it led american businesses to reduce investments in Germany, which decreased that nations production and its ability to repay its World War I reparations

Executive order 8802 established
anti-discriminatory hiring practices in industries that had government defense contracts

Major social economic changes from war, was: by 1945 female employment outside the home had increased by more than 50% to 20 million

As a result of the New Deal, Native Americans
saw new efforts to end assimilation and respect Native American self-reliance and culture

Not a true statement about World War II
about 1 million american soldiers died, and half that figure came home injured

Most famous, spokesman of the “American First Committee” was Harry Truman

Purpose of the 21st Amendment enacted in December 1938 was to
repeal the Prohibition Amendment

critics of the New deal included all, EXCEPT
conservative democrats who thought the government should play a greater role in assisting businesses and stimulating the economy

military turning point for the U.S. and the Allies against Japan in the pacific occurred in 1943 with the allied offensive at the battle of

winter 1932-1933, the depression
cause foods riots in the cities of northeast

“Last hired, first fired” how did African Americans attempt to survive the depression
relied on a network of community organizations and business to provide meals and other assistance

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