Hist Chapter 24 & 25

The symbol of the “lost generation” and the author of The Great Gatsby was
F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The Sac and Fox Indian who was probably the greatest all-around athlete of the twentieth century was
Jim Thorpe.

The first significant talking movie was
The Jazz Singer.

In the 1920s, ________ led the campaign for an equal rights amendment to the Constitution.
Alice Paul

Probably America’s most popular novelist of the 1920s, ________ satirized contemporary society in Main Street and Babbitt.
Sinclair Lewis

During the 1920s, how were immigrants from southern and eastern Europe affected by the new quota system of immigration?
They found it much more difficult to immigrate.

It would be accurate to say that Henry Ford
realized mass production could make a car cheap enough for the average consumer.

In May 1927, the first solo non-stop flight from New York to Paris was made in the Spirit of St. Louis by
Charles Lindbergh.

The greatest film star of his era, who won fame as a sad little tramp, was
Charlie Chaplin.

Feminist Margaret Sanger was one of the
strongest proponents of birth control.

Under the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928, the United States agreed to
renounce war as a solution in international controversies.

The Ohio gang is associated with President
Warren G. Harding.

His admirers regarded Andrew Mellon as the greatest secretary of the treasury since Alexander Hamilton because he
proposed reducing the income tax on high incomes and abolishing the inheritance tax.

The 1924 ________ Plan attempted to solve Germany’s post-war financial problems by granting it a $200 million loan.

President Franklin Roosevelt called his plan of reform and recovery the
New Deal.

The Bonus Army which came to Washington, D.C. in 1932, consisted largely of
unemployed veterans.

During the 1920s, appointments to federal regulatory agencies such as the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Reserve Board were generally
pro-big business.

The illegal leasing of government oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, was the worst scandal involving the administration of President
Warren G. Harding.

Which of the following was President Herbert Hoover’s policy to promote better relations between the United States and nations in the Western Hemisphere? It declared America’s intention to disclaim the right to intervention pronounced in the Platt Amendment and the Roosevelt Corollary.
“Good neighbor” policy

During the Great Depression, “Hoovervilles” became homes for
homeless people.

Those considered “social feminists” in the 1920s
sought protective legislation for working women.

Henry Ford believed that an important aspect in increasing output was
increasing wages.

The leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, whose slogan was “Back to Africa,” was
Marcus Garvey.

Urban-rural tensions of the twenties produced a resurgence of
religious fundamentalism.

The flourishing of black literature, theatre, and music during the twenties was known as the
Harlem Renaissance.

During the 1920s, young men and women
related in an increasingly relaxed and uninhibited fashion.

One important aspect of the way Hoover dealt with the Depression was his
refusal to allow federal funds to be used for direct relief for individuals.

Hoover’s program for ending the Depression called for the federal government to
lend funds to banks and corporations on the verge of collapse.

Unlike the policies of his opponent, Franklin Roosevelt pledged during his campaign that his administration would
do what was necessary to protect individuals and advance the public good.

President Hoover’s assurance that “the business of the country…is on a sound and prosperous basis” preceded which of the following events?
stock market crash of October, 1929

Immediately after the Great War, Americans generally were
retreating into isolationism

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