Healthy exercise

In todays era every one wants to look healthy and fit. but due to sedentary life ,busy schedule,lack of exercise , or lack of time ,makes men fatty and unhealthy ,today will tell you how to loss weight or burn 1000 calories in each session. we not suggest you hard exercises will tell you the best exercises which will easy for you. we have lots of methods for weight loos like, Cardio kick boxing ,Power Yoga , Running, Pilates.

we are not going to tell all this methods one by one, we just dissolve all this methods and give you the best of best exercises for your daily routine which will help you in weight loss or easy to perform. 1. JUMPING JACK : –For start any exercises we need to warm up first ,jumping jack is the best exercise for warm up because it increase heart rate , increase blood flow to muscles throughout the body and decrease the risk of muscle tear or body spasm,Jumping jack target different muscles of the body like Gluteus muscle ,calf muscles ,Achilles tendon all muscles together perform Jumping jack.

By doing jumping jack you can burn 300 calories in 20 minute. 2. BURPEES :- This is an advance aerobic exercise it is used for muscle strength training or also helps in fat burn. This exercise are mostly used in sports person or military persons,There is large number of muscles are used in burpees ,examples pectoralis major or chest muscle ,triceps muscle,abdominal muscles ,gluteus muscles, quadriceps or hamstring muscle. It will also increase blood pressure or heart rate when.

we performing this exercises . you can burn 500 calories in only 10 minute of burpees exercises. 3. JACKKNIFE CRUNCHES:- To target abdominal muscles jack knife crunches is best or advance way of exercise. This exercises help you to sharp your stomach muscle or build abs . Jack nife crunches mainly target the rectus abdominal muscles which found in middle of stomach. this muscles also known as abs muscles because rectus abdomines is bound for making six-packs abs.

You can burn 200 calories in 20 minute by performing jacknife crunches. By 1 hours of this exercise schedule you can burn 1000 calories in each exercise session. Do this exercises daily and you can loss your weight up to 5 kg in 20 days. Before performing any exercises you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist . Do stretching exercises before and after the exercise . you can take 5-10 min break between each exercise. Burn 1000 calories in each session.

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