Healthcare Emergency Care Test

What is the “first and foremost” essential first aid factor?
Get proper first aid training.

Which of the following is true of emergency care?
The outcome of emergency care depends on a variety of factors.

What should be done if a patient is conscious?
Question the patient for injuries and an account of the situation.

Which of these situations is NOT considered an emergency?
You have a 101 degree fever, sore throat and a cough.

Which of the following sounds may be a sign of an emergency?

What is the term used for prioritizing emergency care?

In a best-case scenario, emergency care is performed by whom?
An emergency care professional

What does EMS stand for?
Emergency medical services

Which of the following is NOT a basic principle of first aid care?
Give a disoriented patient some water or a snack.

After applying a sling, how elevated should the patient’s hand be?
5 or 6 inches above the elbow

Which of the following is true of crutches?
Crutches that are not adjusted properly can cause injury.

Which item is used to stop bleeding, prevent infection, absorb secretions, and treat pain?

What type of bandage can be used to secure dressings?

A triangular bandage is often used on which part of the body?

Which type of crutches requires patients to bear weight with their hands?
Axillary and forearm

Which of the following is NOT true of dressings and bandages?
Dressings and bandages used in emergencies must be sterile.

What determines the type of bandage used for an injury?
Type of injury and the body part affected by the injury

Which crutch gaits require that the patient use the shoulders and arms to move?
Swing-to and swing-through

When adjusting crutches for fit, how many inches should there be between the axillary bars and the patient’s underarms?
2 inches

authorized by a medical director to give medications and provide emergency care. The transfer of such authorization is an extension of the Medical Director’s license to practice medicine. Designated Agent description of medical techniques or practices that are supported by …

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Emergency medical care has developed from the days when the local funeral home provided ambulance service to the current, modern emergency medical services (EMS) system. Major improvements in emergency medical care over the years include all of the following EXCEPT: …

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