Health policies in the school

Since most activities are geared to helping them (students), the students are allowed to come up with some funny ways that will help them and their friends’ burn excess fat from their bodies; both in school and at home. It has to be a means that is engaging, educative and enjoyable. Some activities which the program recommends for this course include games, songs or various sports contests that would keep their bodies active.

The program also advices its members as well as non members against stigmatization of the affected students and staff, and instead it encourages collective responsibility and coexistence among all the members in the society. The program will experience wonderful results if the students encourage themselves to walk to and from school without the fear of being ridiculed by their fellows. Role of Administrators All the activities that are being carried out targeting youngsters within any institution can only be a success if it receives a nod from the school’s administration.

Having the goodwill from the authority figurers is the first vital step that a successful program has to take. The program has to be endorsed by the administration who can in turn act as either an elevator or a hitch to achieving the program’s set objectives. The program therefore identifies the importance of the administrators and their contribution to the program’s success by bringing on board and integrating the government’s, parents’, staff’s and students’ interests.

The administration will be the force behind the school’s health council at all levels, integration of physical education into the official curriculum, hiring of health experts to help with the program (nutritionists and counselors), installation of machines required for physical exercise, urge students, parents and teachers to support the initiative and develop and implement health policies in the school. If the above plan is carried out to the latter, then we will witness significant reduction in the reported cases of obesity.

The program has in place steps that will in the long run relieve stress from students making them to have the ability to concentrate more in class longer than before. The program recommends at least a five-to-ten minute break from studies for physical exercise which has also been fully integrated in the school’s curriculum. Students are also encouraged to just walk to school instead of taking any means of transport at least twice a week [particularly those not coming from very far]. Every initiative highlighted above is no economic impossibility, and only calls for persistence and the willingness to try…with a sole focus on the outcome.

Before the program sets off, one thing should be clear to all the members involved in the program as well as the non-members, which is the fact that having a wholly healthy body is a process and can never be achieved in a single day. Conclusion From the facts presented in this paper, it can be said that obesity is preventable yet it is one of the most leading killer conditions in the world. This is too bad as the condition is can be avoided yet it has claimed the lives of many children and adults. It is a chief source of physical mental disorders which leads to a combination of complex health conditions.

With the recommendations presented in this paper, obesity should never be a threat to the public this 21st Century. All accusing fingers are being pointed to change into unhealthy eating habits and lack physical exercise which the program clearly cautions against. Obesity preventive and reduction measurers have never been taken seriously in the past, and stigmatization has resulted to the community keeping mum about the cases about remain suffering in silence. These are the scenarios that the program highlighted above will help to alleviate.

Such incidences are the reason behind the failure of most measures that have been put in place to fight against excess fat, making reported obesity cases to be still in the rise and the world’s adult and young population continues to lose the battle of the bulge. It is no secret that lack of prolonged physical activity eventually leads to obesity and the blame is shared between the education system, parenting style and the individual’s personal responsibility. References Campos, P. (2004). The Obesity Myth: Why Americas Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health. Penguin Group: New York. Pp. 41-62.

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