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Among the recent advancement of technology regarding health today is most likely related to a revived version of the traditional medication used by people long time before the human civilization’s development. In short, technological processes tend to simply return to the basics when dealing with the health care remedies they produce. As for example, “herbal medicines are already making a come back in the present generation since many people already recognize the fact that many synthetic medicines give numerous side effects to the ones taking them for medication and treatment” (World Health Journal, 2004, 21).

Aside from herbal medicines, traditional medical treatments are also given life and returned to the human society. Most likely, because many of these remedies are more practical than modern treatments especially with regards to financial measures. These remedies include acupuncture, aromatherapy and others (Philippine Health Journal, 2005, p 23). Today, these remedies are considered more effective for people who experience stress-borne illnesses due to the fact that they are less expensive as mentioned earlier.

The New Era of Health Development Indeed, with the technological advancements, it is clearly shown by health care enthusiasts that there is a strong need of fulfilling and attending to the health care needs of the people at the most possible places and time. According to the “10-year plan to strengthen health care” by the first Minister’s Meeting in Canada’s dialogue, among the plans which are necessary of implementation is the establishment of clinics on place mostly visited by people.

These establishments should also be acquiring the most advanced and necessary health equipments available. “It is in this way that the health of the society would be closely given attention to as well as taken care of, especially during emergency situations” (10-year plan…). It is in this way that health care providers are expected to be able to give the most efficient health care service to the people needing their help. Indeed, with the help of advanced technology, faster medical assistance is given to people who are in need of immediate health care provision.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, other health care remedies accepted in the society today such as acupuncture and aromatherapy helps lessen stress and thus enabling a person to avoid acquiring stress-borne illnesses. Yes, the integration of both the traditional health care remedies with the modern processes of medication helps well in alleviating the human health alertness. Surely, as these treatment processes would bring so much ease to the people today, and their continuous development gives a promising success on health care systems in the future.

The Role of Human Institutions in Supporting the Needs of Protecting Healthcare Services to the People HAVE you ever wondered why nations go to war? If we discover the answer to that question, we may also discover the key to peace. Maybe many would react somewhat like John Stoessinger, professor of political science: “I read that wars were caused by nationalism, militarism, alliance systems, economic factors, or by some other bloodless abstraction that I could not understand. . . . I wondered if this could be true. . . . After all, men began wars.

Yet this personality [human] dimension was seldom given its due weight in traditional books on war” (Stoessinger, 14). Obviously, the human element in war cannot be ignored. In his book The Evolution of War, Professor Otterbein comes to a similar conclusion, saying that “wars are caused by the decisions of men as members of organizations, whether they are military organizations or governing bodies. ” Many theories are offered to explain the causes of war. For example, those who believe in evolution see man only as a higher form of animal life that still retains the aggressive and defensive reflexes of the animal world.

They argue that aggression is innate in man that it is in his genes. Zoologist Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt wrote in The Biology of Peace and War: “Our closest relatives, the great apes, have considerable aggressive potential and are also territorial. This strongly suggests that our human aggressiveness may be an ancient primate heritage” (Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 40). But behind all these claims of the reasons behind war, the more important fact to consider are the effect wars leave upon its victims.

It is rather normal yet devastating to conclude that wars have strong and at times permanent effects to its victims. This is most especially true with women and children who usually have to face the painful results of war even though they have so little idea why wars have to happen within their territories. The truth is that women and children are the usual main victims of any wars occurring worldwide. Being the weaker and emotional being, they are usually severely stressed from all the effects of war, not only to their health but to their psychological being as well.

This is where the usefulness of the Non-Government Organizations come into picture. In many ways and In many circumstances as well, NGO’s play a great role in easing the pains experienced by war refugees. Aside from providing healthcare and support, these groups are believed to have given hopes to the victims they care for. Making it easier for the victims to accept the reality that changes are to happen because of the war, as well as making the victims realize that wars doesn’t or shouldn’t put an end to their hopes of having a normal life.

In the case of the 1991 gulf war in Iraq, there are numerous devastating and heavy effects on the way women and children have adjusted to the life connected with wars. Their situations became so unsanitary because of the results of bombings and the placements of landmines all over the land. On the other hand, NGO’s haven’t failed in giving aid to war refugees from Iraq in the best possible way they could. The following paragraphs shall discuss the actual effects of the Gulf war to the Kurdish women and children as well as the ways in which Non-Government Organizations were able to help alleviate their health situations.

Among the recent advancement of technology regarding health today is most likely related to a revived version of the traditional medication used by people long time before the human civilization’s development. In short, technological processes tend to simply return to …

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