Health Care Administration Essay

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Health care administrators influence a lot of different areas in the world of medicine. The leadership that these professionals show paves the future not only for the companies they manage, but the health care organization as a whole. I have gathered information from three different sources on healthcare administration including salary, educational requirements, and skills and competencies, in the unit 5 individual project. I have really scanned through the information and have included what I have found to be the most accurate information from good reliable sources; the summary is below.

While researching the salary ranges for my future job profession I found a variety of salary ranges. The source that I found to be the most reliable out of all sources, was sources from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for all health care administrators is $101,340 as of May 2013. For the bottom ten percent of earners, the median salary is $55,470, while the median income of the top ten percent is $155,130” (Davilla, n. d. ). I believe that this is the most reliable source on salary statistics, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is defined as “BLS’ A government agency that produces economic data that reflects the state of the U. S. economy.

This data includes the Consumer Price Index, the unemployment rate and the Producer Price Index” (Investopedia, n. d. ). The bureau is the fact finding agency for the Federal Government in the wide field of Labor Economics and Statistics. We must take into consideration though that high salaries sometimes throw off the average, and median wage is often a better way to figure the averages of health care administrators earnings; an administrator just starting out in her career has a lower salary than an experienced professional.

The average healthcare administrator entry-level position generally will require a bachelor’s degree (four years). Although, degrees in healthcare administration are available at the Unit 7 IP 2 baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral levels. In the past, the majority of students chose the traditional path of a master’s degree in health care administration. Currently, however, students are looking into other options, including degrees in business with course concentrations in health care administration.

College graduates can apply for a graduate program, no matter what their undergraduate degree is in, from health care management, to biology, sociology, etc… Some schools present the option of a joint degree— a master’s degree in both business administration and public health, or in both healthcare management and law, for example. (Explorehealthcareers, n. d. ) Healthcare administrators manage, direct, and coordinate medical services in many settings, from clinics and hospitals to practices ran by groups of physicians.

I feel one of the key skills a healthcare administrator should have is the ability to communicate. If you have skills and knowledge and don’t know how to communicate them to your work environment, then you have not accomplished anything. Due to healthcare always changing and always improving, administrators are responsible for adjusting to new areas in healthcare law, technology, and policies, and following up with company changes to these polices. They need to be creative, organized, flexible, analytical, understanding, have a good attitude, handle stress, and be able to bounce back from things that don’t go as planned, and grown strategically.


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