Unit 18 Health and Social Care

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A multi disciplinary team is a group of trained professionals working together with the service users, to get the best possible outcome. Multi disciplinary teams help to make more accurate decisions at ease and use their different views to work out what is best for the patient’s sake. A successful team has the ability to work together, agree with decisions, have common interests which in this case would be the well being of the patient, must have people skills and leadership skills so they are able to get their point across and take part in group meetings and must also be committed. Partnerships can be formed between a number of individuals, agencies or organisations with a shared interest.

Health care proffessionals often work alongside one another as part of a team, each member has a unique and different role to play to help ensure the service users receive the best possible care and treatment. An example of a multi disiplimnary team that may be found within a hospital setting is; service user, doctor and surgeon. This works because the patient will communicate with their doctor and explain to them what the problem is and if they have and concerns or questions, the doctor will then diagnose the problem and if needs be communicate with a surgeoen and come up with a plan to fix the problem and then discuss this with the patient and gather their feedback and explain the different options available.

Overall this does help to improve the level of service a patient is receiving because it means that two qualified proffessionals are able to discuss all the possible options and come up with an outcome that will best ebenfit the patient, a doctor and a surgeon have similar knowledge, however both have new knowledge they can offer eachother so the patient. This partnership proves effective for example when a patient has cancer, the doctor would detect where the cancer is and discuss with the surgeon as to what needs to be done and what operation is needed to ensure the cancer is removed, this is an effective process because it gets more than one professional opinion so that the best possible plan can be put into place to ensure that the patient feels secure and their health can be improved for the best.

Without this partnership there would be only one opinion taken into consideration and it wouldn’t give health care proffessionals the chance to discuss their decisions with other proffessionals who may hold different knowledge so therefore may not be so effective. Another example of a mutli disiplinary team is doctors, nurses and midwifes who all work together to deliever more effective patient care. I belive that mothers and babies will definatly benefit from this working team because interproffessional collaberation takes place between team members which helps the health proffessioanls an undertsnading between the different dicisplines and also by gaining knowledge over each proffessionals different roles and responsibilities which then makes it easier to work alongside eachother and overall improve the care that’s given to pregannt women and newborn babies.

Due to the fact these proffessionals are working alongside it means that knowledge can be extended and they can learn from eachother which will benefit the patients. Descictions can be discused as a team so more than one proffessional opinion is taken into account meaning there will be a more structured and accurate outcome which will ensure that the patients feel more secure and comfortable with the care they are recieveing. An example of an existing multi disiplinary team between doctors, nurses and midwifes is the Association of Ontario Midwifes and the Ontorio Hospital Association which aims to help midwifes, nurses and doctors to work together and to move forward to help to deliever better patient care. Conferences take place when scheduled so that plans and options surrounding a patients choices can be discused and a descition can be made.

This is effective because it encourages team work and also helps health proffessionals to develop their own knowledge and therefore benefit service users so the best care can be given out to help the service users feel at peace with the care they are receiving throughout their pregnancy and when their baby is first born. This is a challenging and an emotional time for women so its important that they are able to relax and have trust in the care thye are receiving from healthcare proffesionals.

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