gov chapter 6 section 3


Checks and Balances
President can veto.
Congress can amend laws or override vetos.

Party Politics
Different parties can control Congress and the White House.
Each group has a different agenda.

Congress can keep a presidential proposal in committee for a long time.
Can delay, revise or defeat proposals.

Differing Political timetables
Presidents have 4-8 years.
Congress people can keep being reelected.
Maybe more interested in their states and districts.


National Emergencies Act
Passed in 1976
President must Notify Congress if intending to declare a national emergency.
Each state of emergency can only last a year.
Congress can end with majority vote.

Budget Impoundment and Control Act
Passed in 1974
Limited Presidents ability to refuse to spend more money that congress has voted to find a program.
Money must be spent unless president requests and congress agrees.

A Collapsing Economy – Industries such as coal mining, railroads,and colthing were in a decline – prices for industrial stocks doubled between May 1928 and September 1929 – October 23 six million shares of stocks changed hands – falling prices …

If the office of vice president becomes vacant, the president nominates a replacement who must be approved by both chambers of Congress When no presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote, the election is decided in the House …

Localism policy relied on by President Hoover in the early years of the great depression whereby local and state government acts as primary agents of economic relief Little orphan Annie The famous comic strip that entertained children during the Great …

Herbert Hoover Republican president during depression. An accomplished public servant, ran for the White House against democrat Alfred E Smith. Stressed the important of competition, but believed in voluntary cooperation between labor and management. When he became president an economic …

Franklin Delano Roosevelt President of the Unites States during the Depression and WWII Brian Trust FDR put together a group of academics and professionals that the press WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU …

Franklin D Roosevelt He beat Herbert Hoover in the general election and became the 32nd President of the United States. He was a democrat and cousin to previous president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. …

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