GML Chapter 21

Which act or organization barred commercial banks from becoming involved in the buying and
selling of stocks?
the Glass-Steagall Act

The Social Security Act of 1935:
included old-age pensions

The Popular Front:
was a political

What replaced liberty of contract as the judicial foundation of freedom by the end of the New Deal?
civil liberties

Which two New Deal programs did the Supreme Court rule unconstitutional?
Agricultural Adjustment Act

The First New Deal:
was a series of experiments

In fireside chats and public addresses, President Roosevelt equated freedom with:
economic security

Which statement is true about the UAW sit-down strikes?
The workers stayed

The Great Depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of:
unregulated capitalism

Why did FDR try to change the balance on the Supreme Court?
He feared the

Which statement about the New Deal is true?
Social Security was

The Second New Deal:
focused on economic security

Under New Deal reform, African-Americans:
were mostly excluded

The National Industrial Recovery Act:
established codes that set

By 1935, the New Deal:
faced mounting pressures and criticism

Most historians argue that a recession reoccurred in 1937 because Roosevelt:
cut government spending

During the 1932 election:
FDR called for

The first thing that Roosevelt attended to as president was the:
banking crisis

Which phrase best describes Eleanor Roosevelt’s tenure as First Lady?
redefined the role of First

The Agricultural Adjustment Act:
raised farm prices

Federal housing policy:
reinforced residential segregation

The New Deal failed to generate:
an economic recovery

Which program employed white-collar workers and professionals, including doctors, writers, and
the Works Progress Administration

The New Deal concentrated power in the hands of:
the executive branch

Liberalism during the New Deal came to be understood as:
active government to

The Scottsboro case:
reflected the racism

The Civilian Conservation Corps:
put young men

Keynesian economics:
relied on large scale

The Wagner Act:
created the National Labor Relations Board

What ended the Great Depression?
WWII spending

The Great Depression and the economic crisis that ensued discredited supporters of: a) Keynesian economics. b) liberalism. c) unregulated capitalism. d) fascism. e) communism. The New Deal failed to generate: a) Hope. b) Sustained prosperity. c) Jobs. d) Social security. …

Franklin D Roosevelt He beat Herbert Hoover in the general election and became the 32nd President of the United States. He was a democrat and cousin to previous president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. …

all of the statements about roosevelt’s grow pot advisers known as the brain trust are true except the brain trust believed that large corporations needed to be dismantled by 1935 , the new deal faced mounting pressures and criticisms WE …

Works Progress Administration (WPA) Hires jobless people to build public buildings and parks. New Deal program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to end the Great Depression WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

Explain the causes of the Great Depression and state the unemployment rate 1929 – “Black Thursday” Stock market collapsed, factories closed, unemployment went up, optimism shattered Result in 25% unemployment Discuss the most striking characteristic of the stock market in …

new deal term used by FDR in the 1932 acceptance speech that came to describe his whole reform program brain-tired FDR’s reform-minded intellectual advisers, who conceived much of the New Deal legislation WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON …

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