Genetic enhancement

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Notably, performance enhancement has formed a major part of sports globally. This journal explores the last decade’s development of biomedical technology as a way of ensuring similar testing for the sportsmen and women globally. The journal gives the framework upon which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established and to ensure better harmony and application of the international sports rules with regard to performance enhancement. According to the journal, the Authors established the clear mandates of the WADA and the progress it has made since inception.

Besides, it explores the methods that WADA uses to counter the problem of genetic enhancement in the sports. Due to the current rising trends in the use of genetic enhancement technology, the journal explores the major problems that the institution is facing and the side effects of globalization of the anti-doping technology. Maxwell, J. M. (2003). Wondergenes: genetic enhancement and the future of society. Bloomington. Indiana University Press, ISBN 0253342740, 9780253342744 This publication gives an extrapolation of the future world where genetic enhancement becomes the norm.

The author explores the ethical dilemmas that face the current researchers, medical practitioners, and sports scientist in establishing the correct standards and considerations of genetic enhancement in life. Of greater concern to Maxwell, is gonobility in sports where he conclusively addresses the resilient dangers posed to the users. Finally, he gives six policy recommendations that can be used to reduce, control, and enhance sanity in sports. Miah, A. (2002). Philosophical and Ethical Questions Concerning Technology in Sport: The Case of Genetics Modification. Sport Science. Bedford, De Montfort University: 229.

This book gives an insight into the background of modern technology and application in sports. By exploring the development of this technology, the book evaluates the theoretical perspectives related to the fast development of genetic enhancement substances on a global scale. To add to that, the publication outlines the vast uncertainties linked to use of genetic enhancement materials in sports. Using his long time research experience, Professor Miah related the statistics of the drug using sportsmen and women to derive the overall demand for urgent control related to use of the of the same technology in the society.

To add to that, he explores the ethics related to use of genetic enhancement to the sportsmen and women, their competitors, the community and the entire sports fraternity in the world. Miah, A. (2004). Genetically modified athletes: Biomedical ethics, gene doping and sport. London: Routledge. ISBN 0415298792, 9780415298797 This book examines genetic enhancement in athletics by giving a two fold systematic approach where it evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of using or not using it. The author gives an explorative system of the push factors that result to use of genetic enhancements in the sports world.

Besides, the author explores the impacts of political and economics reasoning behind the use of genetic modification. Politically, it tries to explore the consideration by different governments and administrators globally on the need for holistic enactment of supportive frameworks in the sports industry. This aids in understanding of the systems application in different countries. The publication also gives the connotation of the enhancement as a direct way of killing sports globally as genuine sportsmanship is put to possible death bed in future.

Finally, the book gives an outline of the future demands for the technology as it calls for further research to reduce the overall ambiguity. Monica, A. (2004). Genetic enhancement in competitive sports. Retrieved from >http://www. medicalnewstoday. com/articles/5949. php. < This is a medical publication that was used in framing the discussion at the 2004 AAAS (Triple-A-S) Annual Meeting on potential uses of genetic enhancements in competitive sports. The publication outlines the scientific basement consideration of genetic enhancement with the research of rodents and possible exaggerated factors that may result from abuse of the same drugs.

The publication expounds on the control measures that can be used to reduce the rising rates of genetic manipulation in sports. In particular this publication further explores banned endurance enhancement practices like taking erythroprotein (EPO) that stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells. In addition, an overview of the international perspective on generic enhancement and athletics is given with a clear comparison of the present and past sports orientation in relation to sports performance. William, J. M. (2007). New York: Human Kinetics. ISBN 0736064281, 9780736064286,

This book gives an intrinsic understanding the human anatomy and how the body responds and reacts to the system. The author gives a clear consideration of the implication to the sportsmen and women. According to the book, genetic enhancement has great effects especially when abused. To ensure better articulation of the technology into the society, the book gives possible policy recommendations to restrict its use. According to the book, the producers of the genetic enhancement chemicals and drugs should be addressed first if the vice is to be contained fully in the society. Savulescu, J. , Foddy, B. & Clayton, M. (2004).

Why we should allow performance enhancing drugs in sports, Journal of Sports Medicine, 38:666-670 Arguably, modern technological advancement has been indicated as one of the most important aspects of the 20th and 21st century. This journal gives a pessimistic approach to genetic manipulation by exploring the historical progression of it use to the recent cases. Using statistics, the journal shows the susceptibility of many sportsmen/ women in using the technology. The journal views use genetic enhancement as an unstoppable system that requires better understanding to reduce the negative effects.

Therefore, the journal explores the possibilities of offering a level paying ground for the sportsmen/ women by allowing them to use harmless genetic enhancements to reduce economic discrimination. To add to that, it encourages use of alternative strategies that are directed at testing for health as opposed to testing the drugs that the people have taken. However, the journal concludes with a discussion that the rule of strict liability should be upheld at all time by the consumer. UNESCO, (2005). International convention against doping in sport.

Paris: UNESCO. Following the widespread doping adoption by many sportsmen/ women, it became necessary to re-address the issue in order to reduce the overall negative effects. This convention therefore gives an outlay of the doping impacts to the sportsmen and women as well as the general community. The convention recalls for the anti-doping convention as well as its additional protocols within the framework of public international laws. It therefore provides for the correct establishment of the policy for fighting against doping in the sports arena with a view

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